Project Laser Jam!

No, but the principles are sound. Several respected car magazines printed test they had run with IR emitters, such as headlights and fog lights, and the effects on LIDAR. Simply having one's headlights on reduced the probability of a reliable sample.

I had running lights mounted on a sport-ute, and fitted them with visible-spectrum filters. I left these on most of the time. I remember a MSP officer aiming a LIDAR at me, pausing to look at the LIDAR, and then aiming it at me again. Something was definitely going on...

I do, however, question the value of using one of these systems on a bike. Relative to a car, most bikes have only a small fraction of the type of material that reflects IR . The profile of an on-coming bike makes them very difficult targets. And almost all bikes have headlights that are on whenever the bike is running, emitting a great deal of IR relative to the frontal IR reflective area of the bike.

I have acquaintances that serve in the Michigan State Police, and they have stated privately that it is very difficult to lock onto a sport bike with a LIDAR. Chromed-out "dresser" cruisers provide a much better chance of usable return, which strikes me as yet another reason for not associating with those ridiculous things...

Bottom line:
I probably wouldn't bother on a bike, but I have been considering a system for one of my cars.

Thanks for the info. Since cost was a factor in my purchasing plan I chose the Bel. Should be here next week, I'll keep everyone posted. Also since I use to be 5.0 shouldn't be to hard to find a Lidar gun to test the unit out once its installed on the Busa! And finally I bought it from this site $239.00
i dont speed anymore

Looks like I have to make a couple of changes. First, the length of the wires that support both the front and rear lasar modules are to long. Second, the remote control panel is not weather proof (This could become an issue). Finally something on the plus side, I spoke with one of the Tech's from Bel Mr. Bruce Brandon (via e-mail) and he felt like having the two lasar modules up front would be overkill! Nothing wrong with this...............Just my two cents. I'll keep everyone posted as things develope.
Almost done with the mods. I'm working on a couple of custom brackets to hold the diode's up front. When I'm done I'll post pictures..........................