Post-Flight Inspection


After reading Big O's post about the fork seal and babuski's awsome idea of a pre-flight inspection...thought I'd throw this one at ya:

Post flight inspection (the mechanics do this one babuski):
1. Run your fingers around the lower fork tube and seal to check/remove bugs & gunk (alot easier than waiting until they dry...or replacing seals) the same for the stearing stabilizer
2. Apply lube to chain (I like silicone spray, sprayed in the cap, brushed on, left there to be completely dry and sling free for the next ride)
3. Top off the gas tank, especially if you live in colder climates with high humidity. The unused portion of the gas tank contributes to condensation and all the bad stuff that follows.
4. Remove bugs from fairing because I don't know about ya'll but these east coast bugs must be made of acid because they'll take the clear coat right off...just let the engine & exhaust cool to the touch before washing them

Anyway, just my thoughts.

What do you do after a ride?
I get off, and then once I quit shaking and babbling senslessly to the wife, I clean the gunk off the leadings edges and surfaces, give her a pat on the seat, and smoke a cigarette...Spooky how similar it is to some other activities I can think of....  :eek: :laugh:
I dismount, degear then put her on her rear stand. I then go in and inform my wife that I have returned and am done riding for the day. My wife will then wash and polish her.
When she is done I will go for a quick ride up to the gas station for fuel and to rewarm the chain. I then lube the chain and put her away for the evening.
I drop it on the pavement, fall asleep on the couch.
Kidding. That's a great idea. :) Now we need to get a MID-flight inspection too! :D
I drop it on the pavement, fall asleep on the couch.
Kidding.  That's a great idea.  :)  Now we need to get a MID-flight inspection too!   :D
Thats what they guys on CBRXXs, ZX11/12 and all those Hardly ridables are for... to give you a once over as you cruise by them. :tounge: :D :cool:
:D Uh I thought I was pretty clear... Both, they are sorta interchangable... :laugh:
yep post flight inspection too.....check tires....chain.....check for loose bolts, the fork.....and do major debugging. Those critters are everywhere --especially in summer after riding in cornfields. I just bought a can of compressed air at a computer store too so I can get the critters of the radiator finns without bending them all up. Haven't tried it yet...but manual says thats how you do it.. We will see. Hopefully, the toasted insects will just fly off and onto garage floor.

Then I smile so hard my jaw muscles get cramps and I take her in the shower with me.

Really.... just a pat on the rear seat and she goes right to sleep. Then wife opens door and is relieved that I made it home in one piece.
Since the chrome wheels I usually put her on the stand clean the chain with WD-40, wash the bike, chamoise it off best I can take it for a small jaunt up the road to get the chain warm again. Bring it home lube the chain. Stare at it wide eyed not beliveing anything can go that fast and be that damn good looking.