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Just a heads up in case you are lookin' at something listed by this seller. It's not confirmed as a scam yet, but it sure looks that way at this point. I hope it's just a bad transaction for a good guy. Hope doesn't put the tank in my hands, though...

Here's what has happened so far. Tell me what you think.

On 02/13/2004 I bought a busa gas tank from ebayer "heatwavecycle" ( Item# 2460156443 ) on a Second Chance offer through ebay after the high bidder (got outbid by just a couple bucks on the original auction) "flaked" according to the seller. I paid through PayPal on 02/13 and in my PayPal notes to the seller I requested a tracking # as soon as it shipped. The seller sent an email saying that the tank would ship on 02/13. On 02/14 I still had not rec'd shipping confirmation or a tracking #.

Between 02/14 and 02/16 I sent multiple emails to the seller requesting shipping confirmation and a tracking #. All went unanswered. I sent an email on 02/17 telling the seller that I suspected that I had bought from a stolen ebay account and that I would be contacting ebay if I didn't receive a reply with a tracking number. On 02/18 I got a reply from the seller saying that the tank did ship on 02/13 and that he would have the tracking # looked up and send it to me by the night of 02/18. As of midnight last night I had not rec'd anything further from the seller. At that time I filed a complaint with ebay regarding this transaction and asked them to investigave this seller's acct to see if maybe it was a stolen acct.

After filing the complaint with ebay I get an email from the seller (at around 4:00 AM on 02/19) saying here's the tracking number you requested. Sorry it took so long, blah blah blah... but still no tracking # included in the email.

That's where I am right now. I am going to contact PayPal today to file a dispute and if possible a charge back until I either get the tank or some other proof that it isn't a fraudlent transaction. I can't afford to lose the $145.50...

I checked out everything I could check out short of calling this seller on the phone prior to buying. He had 312 feedback hits and 100% positive feedback. He had recent "seller" transactions and all that I checked were bike parts. I didn't find any signs of a scam at all. His website appeared to be legit... everything!

I honestly hope that this is just an honest fug up by the seller and that my tank will arrive any time now. At this point though, I'm just not very optomistic. Either way, even if it's legit, this transaction has been handled extremely poorly by the seller.

I'll update this and keep ya'll posted on what's going on with it. At this point I'm just waitin' to hear back from ebay customer service in regards to my complaint. In the mean time you might want to steer clear of this seller.
Hey bullet, maybe he just forgets to do things...
With so many positive feedbacks, I'm surely hope it's just an oversight on his part. Have you told him that the tracking number isn't there? I'd start with that, and give him one more try...

The part should be there very soon, if it's not a scam...if you don't see a part within a day or two (damn, shipped on 2/13 and still not there seems a bit strange)...in the mean time, do what you can do cover your potential loss by contacting Pay Pal...hate to say it, but I hear so many bad things about both Pay Pal and Ebay, yet I know there are very legit deals going down every day...I hate that scammers have found this medium to scrape a buck from hard-working people...

Good luck...hope the tank gets there today...
I just went through a very similar transaction on a set of wheels. I just got the wheels yesterday. I swear it was like pulling teeth. Good Luck, I hope it works out for ya.
After the run arounds I've rec'd tryin' to get the number I honestly believe it's a fraud. I did reply to the email with no tracking number... no reply! Since payment was sent he only replies if I threaten to contact ebay or PayPal. The empty threats are over... I've now turned it over to PayPay Buyer Protection for investigation.

Just don't see any way that it's the same person that handled all those transactions in this seller's feedback. This the worst service I've ever rec'd in an online transaction... It just stinks of a scam...

I've made it perfectly clear in my emails that a valid tracking # would satisfy me at this point. He won't do something that simple to keep me from having to go to ebay and paypal? Oh well, we'll see what ebay and PayPal can find out from him. I hope it is just a fluke. All I want is my friggin' tank!

Forgot to mention, I also called the phone # on his website. Get a message saying they are in the process of moving. None of that was mentioned as an excuse for the poor service. Said he'd been sick is why he wasn't getting much done. Left a message and asked for a call back ASAP. Never got one. He never mentioned the phone message until I did. Then he says, yeah he got it, he just couldn't talk because he's still sick so he emailed me. Thing is, he never replied to or mentioned the content of my message in any emails.

See what I mean? It stinks worse every day! If it's just an bad transaction, it's the biggest turn around possible from his feedback reputation! No friggin' way!!!
I'm guessing you might be in for a battle then BT...it does sound shady...

I just recently purchased a clear tank protector for my Busa on Ebay...as luck would have it, it's just what I wanted and it was a seller here in VA...well, the guy shipped it out the same day and I got it in just two days...I checked the feedback he'd rec'd, and it was good...looks like he sells tons of bike stuff...if you need something for your Busa, look for a seller named <table style=filter:glow(color=red)>58cycle</table>...looks like he does a lot of business via Ebay...

BT, I hope the tank arrives today...
I hope it works out for you. Just remember that last weekend was a holiday. That may screw things up a little. I see your point about all the emails though. Good luck
I hope it works out for you.  Just remember that last weekend was a holiday.  That may screw things up a little.  I see your point about all the emails though.  Good luck
Yeah, I expected that excuse and would prolly have accepted it as a good enough reason for not being around to reply to my emails and send me the tracking number. Thing is even when he has replied he still will not send a tracking number. I've tried to give this guy the benefit of a doubt and chalk it up to whatever I could besides fraud. At this point though, after getting several run around replies and still not getting a tracking number even after telling him I was contacting ebay and PayPal I'm done workin' with him. I don't want to wait any longer and see anyone else end up where I am with him.

If it's a crook using a stolen account it needs to be locked. If it's just a deadbeat seller he needs to resolve this issue and carry on. I'm not waiting until the time limits are up on filing with PayPal. The complaint can be cancelled if he resolves this but I can't go back and file if I wait too long... Gotta cover my arse here!

I just can't for the life of me see why a legit seller with his rep wouldn't have just sent a stinkin' tracking number by now to avoid all this hassle!
yeah if he is giving you the run around.... he is probably scamming you.... I'm kind of dealing with the same situation....but its only for $5. I bought a model busa from a guy in canada over 10 days ago and still haven't recieved anything... transferred the money via western union. and emailed him and he said he just received the payment yesterday when I paid only hours after the auction. Even if I get scammed I"m only out $5 but it still pisses me off!!!!
yeah if he is giving you the run around.... he is probably scamming you.... I'm kind of dealing with the same situation....but its only for $5.  I bought a model busa from a guy in canada over 10 days ago and still haven't recieved anything... transferred the money via western union. and emailed him and he said he just received the payment yesterday when I paid only hours after the auction.  Even if I get scammed I"m only out $5 but it still pisses me off!!!!
Yeah, it burns my arse to get hosed. PayPal sent an email saying that they were starting a payment reversal and beginning the investigation. Don't know if that's just normal procedure or if they have already found something... They said that I was covered by Buyer Protection up to $500 USD... Maybe I won't lose anything even if it's a scam...

I didn't expect them to reverse payment until they found out something. Is that normal? Anybody here had to claim before?
No...BT, my dealings with PayPal are very little...I finally got up the nerve to sign up!

I'd say it's a good sign though...better than having PayPal email you that they'll look in to it, blah blah blah...yada yada yada...
right on
at least your getting money back
so all you lost is trust in buying stuff via e bay
this story might have a happy ending after all.
good luck bt
well if paypal does give you your $$$ and the tank does come then I suppose you have to go ahead and pay him again... ..
well if paypal does give you your $$$ and the tank does come then I suppose you have to go ahead and pay him again... ..
Of course! I'm not tryin' to get the tank free, I just want to know it's coming. If he had shipped a brick in a box and sent me a valid tracking number I'd be sittin' here all happy and waitin' on my package. Wouldn't even have considered it bein' a fraudlent transaction. I wouldn't have contacted him again until I got my brick.

If the tank gets here before this is resolved I'll drop my conmplaint with ebay and cancel the claim with PayPal and make sure he gets his money immediately. He will also promptly receive his earned negative feedback on this transaction though. Those of you that have went through trying to file a complaint with ebay will understand that the hassle you go through is a bit more than can be let to slide. It's a beeyotch just finding the right page to file through!!!

At this point I think it'll take gettin' the tank in hand rather than just a tracking number to resolve things. Too much shady sheeyot goin' on here to accept anything less than the product as proof of a completed legit transaction. Hell, I don't even care if it's not quite as described as long as it isn't too bad. I'm not picky, I just don't want to lose my hard earned and limited bucks.

I sort of wonder if he simply didn't get it shipped when he said he would and he doesn't want to send me the tracking number because of that. Still, I think he would have came clean before lettin' me contact ebay and PayPal on him if that were the case... I just want me to have my tank and him to have his money. That's all I wanted from the beginning...
I think I just got my proof that he's a friggin fraud. Check out this user's feedback. The second item in his history is the original auction. tmeyers is the guy that supposedly flaked on the auction. Why, then, did the seller give him this glowing feedback about instant payment and such sheeyot!?!

tmeyers03... feedback...

Oh God, now I'm really pissed! Glad I went ahead and filed!
GRRR...I hate f-n scammers. If it were up to me, I'd remove his toenails with white-hot pincers and pour gas on 'em when I'm done. I'll shove a plug up his sorry A**, then I would smear tar between his butt cheeks an stick 'em together. Just for fun....ta see how he's gonna crap the next few days. Maybe we should force feed him some Ex-Lax to make things even more fun. Whaddya say, BT? I'm in if you are.