Poor idle,dies at idle,has a stumble until 3500rpm,then runs great

grandview greg

I have a 2005 with 4000mi. Bike sits for multiple months without being started. It has developed a problem that I'm curious if anyone else has encountered. It idles rough,and when I take off up the street, it is running rough (like on 3 cylinders) until the engine gets up around 3500rpm,then it runs perfect. I thought maybe it has a fuel injector not working correctly. I rode it about 150 miles and it showed no improvement. It dies at the traffic light when idling, but starts right back up. I removed the spark plugs (original) and they all look the same. Thank you for your thoughts.
Could be a multitude of things but a good tune up and maybe a PCV would help I would imagine. Spark plugs, injector cleaning, possibly a mis firing coil......
i had that problem too it turns out the tune that i had in the bike when i bought it wasnt right and it was killing the bike and it was running to rich.
I had the same problem. Seafoam helped the problem but when I changed the plugs she was running like a champ.