Pix of Suzi-Q


she looks a little better now

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Where does everyone get the kangi for the back hump or do they make it?
Kanji one of the guys who works for me made it I down loaded it off this website a while ago and he cut it out of reflective material.I think tape works makes them for about 5 bucks.
The bracket I got form a Kawasaki dealer you can order them from any shop its a universal one I paid $19 for it about $17 too much the turn signals mount on to it to save time when you get the turn signals buy the wiring kit if your not good with wires.They plug right in o you existin harness.
Looks killer jet.
The Kanji is easily done on your home comp with photoshop, some sticker paper of what ever color you like and a set of scissors.
Did it last night coincidentally and they turned out great.
Looks good, and yeah, can we see the underside? I want to get a bracket too.
Yeah thats my silverado I almost got a f150 that would have been a mistake the chevy is much better don't get me wrong I drove Ford's and Kawasaki's all my life.The tank bra and seat cover come from bagster the tank bra also has an intergrated tank bag its hangs over the tank a little too far but its not that bad.Go to www.eurobikes.com.I just followed the out line of the fender to the underside,I didn't get an undertail be cause I thought is was a waste of money.I drilled two holes in the underseat compartment used two bolts and aircraft nuts to attach the bracket.I also broke my hacksaw and had to use my sawzall. So I made a couple mistakes .Used silicon to correct them.