I got a new girl

Very Cool...Even if it is a YamaHaHa Ha... :laugh:

So what are your initial impressions? How about relative to the Hayabusa? Comfort, performance, handling...etc...Please share...

Im jealous... I love those FJRs! Wish I could afford 2 bikes! :tounge:
Lookin good Trev, I would ride either one of those honey's!
I think i will allways picture u however on that big black G Wing. ;) :thumbsup: ;)
Lookin good Trev,  I would ride either one of those honey's!
I think i will allways picture u however on that big black G Wing.    ;)  :thumbsup:  ;)
:rofl: He just couldn't let go of the thoughts of hanging with the Busas on the Wing but hated that he couldn't pass Lo. So he bought this. :laugh:

Just kidding HELLO FREEDA. Very nice :drool:
Thanks Guys,They are both 19,The Fjr rides like a dream its got a lot of power and handles very well but its not a BUSA.Its Specifically designed to please the War Dept.:laugh:
jetset, you're gonna LOVE your new FJR.....especially if you do any 2 up riding.
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Don't even think about bringing those things to Laguna next year. I wan to see a Red one under Fred E and a Blue one under Jet.

Take those FJR's to Sturis:laugh:

Just kidding...
This thread and all the positive feedback proves one thing folks...we are all getting older.... :sad:

Not slamming the Big FJR...Just making the observation that even 5 years ago I woulda sorta poked fun at a big ole' sports tourer like that...Now I find myself looking at the picture and thinking hmmmm....I could get a lot of lugguge on that thing and the Wife.... and Boy it looks comfy... Man I got a couple grey hairs in my beard and look what they are doin to me... :D
Easy there Rev, Old is only in the mind.
Yes, the FJR is a beauty, but the Busa is
special. I'm old as dirt and just bought a Busa.
As for the wife, I don't know about your
wife, but I took a trip on a comfy Kaw a few
years ago with her on the back. We got caught
in rain for a few hundred miles. Not been on the
back since. Use the car for the wife. Hold the
course there Rev.
OH yeah, I'm not going anywhere. I'm still not old enough to want to get off the Busa, Hell I still get giddy getting ready to ride the Busa... :D

No Mostly I was just trying to come up with some way to pick on Jetset, and I realized that I do actually like that FJR... Just sorta messed me up...:;):

I am planning to never get rid of my Busa, when I am too old or whatever, I'll shine her up, and park her in the corner of the Office...
Well Rev I don't know which one of us got a few years on who.I could never get rid of my BUSA I love it.I've been 250 mi with the wife on back it.The FJR is better suited for over night trips and 2up long hauls the beauty of this bike is that its very sporty and handles well and is fast as hell.It has nothing to do with age
I had thought about ths BMW ST1300 and even the Goldwing but this bike does what I like to do TWISTIES!With the stiffer suspension clearence is no problem.Rev if you get a chance to ride one you'll see what I mean:;):