Ping! *** So Cal boyz


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Hey u guyz ahhite? Come to think of it havent seen signs of Pacemaster and a few others either... :super:
Still lurking about... it's getting cold (for Cali anyways) but I'm still riding to work. Howlin' was supposed to go to a track day at Buttonwillow on Oct 20, I couldn't go. Darn!
Owen, U heard from him lately? I called his cel twice ... only got voicemail. Was wondering how far he is from the fires?
Dam, I meant to call him too. I heard some/all the off base Marines were called back to the base. I'm not sure if that would affect him.

What Cycle Gear does he work for? Maybe we can call him there. I'll check their website and call tomorrow (today).
I made a bunch of phone calls today and the only info I got was that Marc is on base. I called the base and the only human I talked to couldn't help me, oh well. I'll call him at work again later.