Fire near my house

Yep, its moving closer. Just in the time I went hom for lunch I can see by the smoke that it is at least 1 canyon closer....maybe 2!

Correction....We are now 3 canyons closer to my office just since lunch. I can now see the huge wall of flames. They don't show up in the pictures very well yet. I will keep posting them.
Sending prayers bro. Come on rain.

This is Arizona dude....we don't get any stinking rain. It has been at least 150 days or more since he had any rain. Our monsoon season is set to start in a few weeks, but the there won’t be anything left of the mountain by then.

Im doing my rain dance just in case!
The forest service did a study at the beginning of June and closed the Mountain to everyone except the people who live in it. They checked the moisture level of the trees and bushes and found they were at an all time low of 3%-8% and shut the Mt. down. Just so you know, the kiln dried lumber in Home Depot has 12% moisture ....
Cross that with very steep terrain and afternoon winds of 35mph and you can see why it crosses 3 canyons in a matter of a few hours. The news reports 10% containment but that HAS to be the section the jumped the highway yesterday evening. There is no way in H3LL they have anything contained in those mountains.
Prayers sent.. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask..

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Well, the good news is that no homes were lost last night. The bad news is that we are up to 10,000 Acers (as of last night) and the Forest Service said not to expect it to be out anytime soon. I help a few people evacuate last night and no the radio said they are widening the evac area so I will be helping a few more friends tonight. Keep praying, its working!
Oh NO…The fire jumped the highway again into residential areas. We are having 40 mhp winds and I look outside every 15mins or so and the massive plumb of smoke is ripping through neighborhoods at a fast pace. All I can see is dark black smoke. That’s not good…If it was just grass and trees the smoke would be white. This fire is only 12,000 +/- acres right now but we had already lost 50 houses…and that was before it jumped the highway again. Just to put it in perspective, there has been a large fire burning since May 8thin the next county (I can see that smoke everyday too) it is over 180,000 acres and it has only taken out 15 buildings and that fire is the 5th largest in AZ history. I hope that whatever is burning right now is not peoples housed but I fear it is.

The white smoke to the right hand side of the pic is what is blowing off of the Mt. (wind is from right to left) the Mt is just out of the shot to the right. All the black smoke is where peoples houses are.

Man i've been watching this, I know from experience the loss of a fire. Please keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do to help. I would highly suggest getting some of your personals and putting them in a Bank Saftey Deposit box. Unless you have a high end fire safe its the best bet for some things and the cost isn't to bad.
You're in our thoughts man I hope you get through this without losing your home. let us know what you need I'm sure we all will pitch in and help anyway we can bro

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So far the news is fantastic. The "structure specialists" already had a plan in place for the fire jumping the hey. As soon as it did the set back fires at the start of each housing complex and by the grace of god and good planning by the fire fighters we have managed to not lose any...that's right, not a single one... additional houses from the 50 we had already lost. Its a good thing that the housing communities out there are all spaced out. I hope they can keep that pace up all night and tomorrow too.
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This fire is getting bad again. My office is now 1.2 miles from the evacuation zone! I think its time to call it a day and go home.
Be safe and get your stuff together just incase. Hope you don't have to evacuate. Praying for the fire to die down enough so the firemen can get it undercontrol.
Well.....I lied. I just got a knock of the office door and I AM in the pre-evac area. Plus a brand new fire just started on Ft. Huachuaca Army base about 1 mile from me.....This just wont quit! I know this is a family site and I can't drop the F bomb, but know I am yelling it as loud as I can right now.
Hey man, heard something interesting about what caused that fire down by you, wondered if u heard anything.bout some "coyotes" starting that fire, just wanted to know if u heard anything like that
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