Hawaii Guyz


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First I was the only Hawaii guy around here, then this past year there were a bunch. Then none again. Where u guyz at?
Or like Rap used to say " eh, how come I come, u no stay? "

I'll be in Honolulu at my inlaws again first week or so of Jan then on to Hilo for a couple more weeks.

Anyone gonna be around for a Kanekapila? - Kent

I'll be about 7 hours Southwest of ya if ya get the chance.
I will be in Hawaii from June 11 to 21 for my honeymoon. 7 day cruise and then 2 nights in Honolulu.
I really need to take a trip back to the islands, course I wanna go to Kauai then Hilo... Ah it's good to daydream...
I like rice wit ereyting incliding Pizza!
I'm gonna mix a giant batch of Ahi poke, tako poke and squid luau!!! woohoo! And thro back da bea's til I no can see straight!
I'm here, just barely on the boards... tryin to spend more time ridin the busa.

00 blue with HUGE kanji on the side panel. RevTek's old turbo bike.
Hey , how soon they forget ! I'm still here ! I was raised in EWA BEACH!!