Fire near my house

Yep. They set fires when there about to get caught cuz they know you will stop to fight the fire instead of keep chasing them.
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Yep. They set fires when there about to get caught cuz they know you will stop to fight the fire instead of keep chasing them.
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Still like my idea of ex military snipers sitting up in the hills....
I'm with James man.. if you need anything just let up\s know we're only a few hours away.. I have a truck and trailer ect...
Here are smone more pics that show the second fire next to my office. You can see as it was getting worse and how hard it was to evacuate. the very last pic is from my roof at my house, the fire was maybe 1/4 mile away.












today was a good day on the fire...the lines held and no additional homes were lost. the second fire near my office and house is out, it grew to 2500 acres. Tomorrow is going to be rought with winds down in the flats at 40 and in the Mt in the 60mph range.
I spent the morning working at a local car was rasing funds for the prople who lost there houses. I took my 9 and 12 year olds with me. Kids need to learn how to help there communities.
WOW. This fire was given the #1 priority spot in the county due to the amount of homes in the area. This means that we get 1st dibs on any people and equipment we need.
Yesterday was horrible! We had winds of 35-55mph all day long. I grew almost 10,000 acres and crossed the hwy into residential areas in two separate locations. No news has been given on the amount of houses lost yesterday, but it should be given out by tonight. I’m fine but I have several friends who’s houses were in the way. I will update more later today. Keep praying, we need it.
Yesterday was a good day on the fire line. The winds died down a bunch and they changed directions blowing backwards towards the areas that were already burnt, which allowed the fire fighters to gain 40% containment. Now to the bad news, when the fire jumped the highway in two locations on Father’s Day we lost 4 more businesses and 14 more homes, bringing the total amount of structures to around 60.
I got to give these Fire Fighters mad props! They really know how to build fire lines and set back burns in just the right places. And those pilots flying the bombers are like surgeons with that slurry. It truly is amazing to watch these guys and gals do their thing. I know how hard there job is; I was a Fire Fighter in Maryland. A structure in an urban environment is nowhere near the same thing as wild land fires.
Yes we have lost over 50 homes and 10 Businesses but without the fantastic folks we have out here I can guaranty that we would have lost several hundred homes, if not a few thousand. I don’t know how else to explain it. The area that burnt on Father’s Day has houses that are on 1 to 4 acre lots so they are spread out a bit. The burn zone covered about 2000 acres so that has to be at least 500 homes (and that’s if they are all on 4 acre plots) and the fire crews forced the flames to weave in and out of the houses and managed to only lose 14 of them.

Now we just need this wind to go away for a few more days so we can knock this bad boy out.