PB last night...first time out this year


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I made a few changes over the winter and got a chance to go to the track last night for a Harley Rental at Milan Dragway. I should have known because it was only $10 to race last night that the track was not prepped at all. They only prepped it at 3:30 before the event and never once sprayed the track after. We didn't get there until almost 7 and by then there was already hundreds off passes done and the weather had cooled down a lot.

I ended up running in the 999cc Metric brackets and went to the finals with lane choice but red-lighted in the finals. I'm a little hard on myself but it was the first time out and the track conditions were horrendous. Alright, enough excuses....

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Congrats buddy! :thumbsup:

Keep getting smoother/faster and you'll have that 8-second pass next time out... ;)
Well done! Get that 60 down and you definitely have an 8 sec pass! Glad to see the bike is working out for you.