Alright....New PB from Satuday


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Decided to give Milan Dragway another shot on Saturday. They were having one of their "No ET Nationals" and typically they hose the track down with VHT because there's a lot of big money grudge races going on. Weather was decent but boy did it take some getting use to with the track being that sticky.

Ran the tire at 18psi which I probably should have started at 20psi because it was bogging hard and apparently my clutch hand was broken. Bike is showing great potential on pump gas on the second outting....



lol Thanks! Bike isn't making anything crazy... under 200whp :thumbsup:

According to your time slips your bike definitely has a power advantage over mine. My 1/8 was a hair better, but your 1/4 is a .1 better! That tells me you would be running me down on the big end. You get that launch down and you should really see some good times! Congrats! I got to get mine down now! :D
Congrats Justin! :thumbsup:

I knew it was only a matter of time. Keep practicing and the times will continue to drop... :beerchug: