One more true story


I read the true story post and it reminded me of something that happened to me a number of years ago..........In 86 I lived in New Hampshire, way up north in the mountains and rode a Honda Interceptor 500cc bike ( modded). I know its OLD hat now but at the time it was great. I could take the twisties faster than almost anyone I knew...ANyway....One day in the early afternoon I'm riding to a friends house so we can take a hike up Mt. Washington. He lives a few vallies away and I'm pegging it because I'm late. Now I come around a bend right before the Mt. Washington auto road doing 125 and who passes the other way but a State Patrol car........@#423@#$!!!.....FUG FUG FUG...I dump speed fish tail into the customer parking area and hide behind the barn there.....I see a pay phone.....ok, guess its time to call Jon and tell him I'm going to be a bit late.....I do and then peek around the corner....NO COP  yeah!!.....get back on the bike and start down the drive to the highway...and there goes the state guy again.....So, I figure I'm not going to get away ...( NH had a good police network in the area and I knew I wouldn't get far) I get off the bike and wait for him to come back....He does, and the first thing he asks me is if I was running from him.....I said no officer I decided to call my friend on the phone back there and let him know I would be late...The officer takes my licence ( note: I had just reciently gotten out of the military and had a valid without photo licence....I also had hair halfway down my back) ...As he is waiting for his response from his call in we get to chatting...I notice his Very shiny patton leather boots and remark about them....we talk about the military..yada yada...Now I know he doesn't really believe a bit of what I've said especially with the hair and all.... So he gets his call back and I overhear them tell him that Yes military....he laughs gets out of his me a warning ...AND ....get this .....salutes me.......ROFL....this for doing 125.....

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:laugh: One of the times that being military pays off... I've gotten outta 2 tickets by showing my ID.