True story for you guys


I had a friend from up north come down to hunt with me.
I got up well before day light and found where a few deer had crossed a trail.
so i piled up a little pile of Milk Duds candy on the trail and went back to pick him up.
i made sure he was in front and sure enough he found the tracks and showed them to me. i kneeled down and picked up a milk dud and smelled of it. then popped it in my mouth and after a couple of chews said. - its a buck and he is only about 15 minutes in front of us.----- his look was priceless!

I think that was the right pile. it was a little tart!
:D Sweet... Rabbits and Chocolate covered raisins...He he he .....

Nice work... ;)
That's better than my hunting buddy that wiped his butt with poison oak!Not kidding-he wound up in the hospital as a result.
Hmmm what would you use when bear hunting -- a Baby Ruth?