Ok, it could happen..


I have a guy that will sell me a turbo with 90lbs of boost. Cheap! The thing is so heavy and big there is no place to install it on the busa. I will develop 1000-1400 hp.

What do ya think, if I add a sidecar and use the sidecar as the platform to mount the turbo? Anyone know how stable a sidecar could be made to be at speeds?

Hey, Im not kidding here. Fastest busa in the world? HMMMM?
Vroom vroom baby vroom vroom. If you could get 90 lbs of boost that would equate to 4100hp
maybe set the busa and the side car up like the twin vertical stablizers of the f-14 or f-15. use the sidecar platform (like the ones they race with using towo guys) as a big inverted airfoil to produce down pressure. It would act like a catamaran does. But here is the question, who could I get to ride on the sidecar platform for weight balance? Hey Cache!! you up for a 400mph run?
I bet I could extend the frame at the neck about a foot. and then tuck the turbo in there. hmmmmm can we say "two wheeled land speed record"?
While your at it install a ejection seat and strap a parachute to your a@@ just in case everything goes to h@@@!
Definitely! Rocket assisted. Hey, I think there must be a way to re-route the air ducts ino a ram-jet configuration out through the tail. Hinge and aerodynamically reform the side panels with reinforced laminates to swing up into wings like aircraft carrier aircraft.

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK ....Ja sure...let us know how it works out..trouble is you wont be able to..there is a limit..I think The Motorhead has proven what the limit really is...450 hp's = 240 mph on the Interstate..Fact?..I believe it..[don't sit up above 140]
N.E. any comments ? whatta scoot..
Not a limit yet. Mr. Suzuki went 245.85 @ Bonniville. 20/41 gearing.
233mph with 19/41 gearing (what I am running)
hei ninja, what do you think/know about a 18/39 setup with a turbo? is the low end just too dead in this config?
Depends on your total HP and torque. Also depends on how you want to ride. 200+ hp you should go with 17/39 or 18/41

250+ hp you could go with 18/41 or 18/40

Don't go with 19/41 or 42 or 18/39 unless you will be above 275hp. Also depends on your rpm and tire size when you are calculating gear rations.
can ya give me a little info on the charactaristics of the busa at say 250hp with the stock 17/40? top speeds etc as compared to 18/41 and 17/39

also, compare a lowered busa 1" front and rear at the 200+mph mark or is it safer/faster at the stock height?

I know Im a pain but I am in the planning stage and you are a wealth of info on this subject.

17/40@250hp you would be "Cloud Boy" master of the wheelie.  Every gear would go up.  Remember stock is 151hp, that is 100hp more.

18/41 will come up with every flick of power, with that kind of hp you will not fill the difference much.  We are talking Turbo so you will have some Turbo lag of the line vry strong 4th gear.  I will give you a little time for the turbo to spool up

The gearing I am running (19/41) srong gear is 3rd.  I can just about walk away from anything on the freeway.  I can even take 400hp unless they are running the smae gearing.  5th gear will yeild 202.35mph

You can see that they are all very close except for the stock gearing, it will not cut it with that HP, unless you want to becom Cloud Boy.  You can also see that the 19/41 needs some real hp.  Beyond that you need to start looking at 400hp.  Now if you are interested in 1/4 mile you will need to adjust more for off the line.  i have my bike set up for 9/10's and mile runs.  I can take many many very good bikes in the 1/4 mile though.

These are appr. to show you the differenece in percentages.
Hope that helps a bit.
Thanks NE, appreciate you taking the time to explain so in depth. You

Just as a side question(s), what is the max boost you recommend so I could ride daily ( it is my main transportation) without blowing the head gasket all the time? And what hp would that equate to? And...is it true that the turbo wont kick in untill around 6000? So If I in town ride and shift always at 4-5000, I would not even be using the turbo? I am leaning towards the MCX turbo unless you think ther is a better.

Thanks in advance (again) hehehe
Depends what you want to spend MCX is good. 8-10lbs of boost. Lots of things to watch fuel etc. more on that later.
Just remember more power usually = less reliability . There is a ceiling on how much HP you can make with a stock Busa block . Or anything for that matter . My buddy just built his Mustang for 800 HP he had to get a new Ford Motorsports block it is custom made for each application the lifter holes cam bearing holes and cylinders do not come bored the block is thicker and heavier and it is a 4 bolt main with built in girdles as you Ford guys out there know Ford never made a 302 4 bolt main . His stock block was not recommended for over 450 Hp with out serious mods and then not over 600 HP . He strocked it out to a 347 Edelbrock heads intake alot of machine owrk and a under the hood supercharger delivered with a dyno sheet for 750 and a set of pulleys for the supercharger to make 800 HP . I hate Fords but 800 Hp would put a smile on anybodys face