ocean air corrosion

Once a Warrior

i just bought a used '00 busa from a guy who lives at the beach. he kept his bike in his driveway and covered but there is still corrosion. there is a lot of salt air corrosion on the metal all over the bike and i have removed most of the parts including the rims because the stuff just won't rub out. i am having it all blasted and powder coated glossy black. under the fairings it's not too bad and the white corrosion just rubs off like powder and hasn't really damaged the metal. i am wondering how you guys who live at the beach deal with the salt corrosion. parking indoors or keeping the bike covered of course is the way to go, but the salt air still must be a problem.
I don't live at the beach, but If I did I would have to have a garage or rent a small storage unit to keep the bike.
I am about a mile and a half (as the crow flies) from salt water keep her in the garage and no problems yet.
I would also be very concerned with electrical connectors being subjected to salty mist. Keeping indoors would be the best option.