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Unbelievable day here today! For anyone that cares to roll through this area I highly recommend Hwy 70. Surface was good and clean. I could see where rocks had fallen on the road however, so I was cautious.

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Temp was near 80 so it got a liitle warm with the leather jacket ...

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The hwy follows Feather river for 50 miles or so, traffic was very light and I could walk onto the road and take pics, area reminds me of Yosemite.

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There was lots of medium twisties and some nice long semi straights.

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I had to slow down alot to take in the sites... I took 35 shots today!

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Probly like most of you guys would be jazzed about palm trees and pineapples I get such a kick from pine trees, manzanita, bridges, snow melt...

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We dont have a "Rock Store" that I know of up here like So-Cal but I was able to find the "Rock House" on the same hwy 70.

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Finally, I stopped and had a cold one at this biker bar to reflect... I didnt see any cops on this stretch except when I was allmost back down to the valley and home. I was doin about 85 in a 55 zone and yes the radar detector works but it went off about 3 seconds after the CHP & I saw each other, he didnt turn around and I kept checking my mirrors... I also saw a Sheriff car but didnt get any response as I passed. Two hippy white guys at the bar told me they had both been tagged before and 1 had to do traffic court tomorrow so, - I guess I was lucky. I definately have to do some filming up on that road as it is the nicest closest stretch I have been on yet. Its about 30 minutes from my house. Thanx gang and enjoy! - Kent

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Oh I forgot to mention, one of the hippy guyz after lookin over the busa and obviously seen the sticker on the tail, says ... " WHAT SIZE IS THAT!?! 1300! OMG!!! I said in the lowest voice I could muster "oh yeah! "
Great Pics Hawaii!! Man that looks like a fun ride!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
"Great Pics" doesn't do it justice. Those are spectacular, Im going to plan a ride up there sometime when my girl get her bike, looks like a wonderful place to ride, where in No. Cal. is it??
Oh those pics bring back memories!!! My ex inlaws live in Quincy and we used to go on vacation there every year for 10 years. If you ever go to Quincy, stop by at the Express Cafe and ask for Ling. Tell them Pat Brennan sent you. It's about 2 miles past the only stoplight going towards Reno. Lots of good roads out there!
Great Pix Hawaiibusa! That is the reason I ride and live up here!!!

Watch the unmarked CHP up here. I was having dinner with friends at a local pizza place when I noticed a guy in uniform walking over to the bike. I figured he was a motorcycle enthusiast. His partner came in and ordered food. Then the guy went back to his car and got a note book and returned to my bike and started taking down numbers. Then he was on the radio... then he was looking my bike over closely. Then back on the radio again. He was checking my record and plates and by the look on his face he wanted to find something to get me for. AND I WASN'T EVEN MOVING!!!

I must look like another local felon. Anyway it is annoying to be "above the radar" when I haven't done anything too bad lately. He has my name and address and I'll bet he will dog me next time he sees my bike.
Thanks Kent for awsome pic's....Sierra Flyer..takin' names and numbers..while parked..they must feel helpless to be doin' that.....sux though....Let us all know your weight loss plan on your bike..what kind of parts are you replacing..have you been to David Corks House?
cool n' lite stuff he can get.
Hey guys, sorry I've been away on biz the past few... Here are a map or two of the area. Hwy 70 runs between Oroville ands heads toward Reno, Nv. I'm still exloring new areas and having fun.

Sierra what do the unmarked CHP drive? They use radar I assume? and what about all these signs that say " Patrolled by aircraft" ? Is that for real? I would think it would be too expensive for them nowadays... hmmmm

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