No Yellow Busa for me....

So my dealer is one of many that got cut. This really sucks, they had me a 2013 Limited yellow Busa on order. They got the letter than many dealers got last week. I wanted to buy the last Busa they sold. I'm also good friends with them. It was kind of better sweet with Suzuki. I love ordering a new bike, car, truck, whatever, when it first comes out, so I can be the first one to have it. I really wanted the yellow one, but in all honesty I probably would have hated it in 6 months.

I told my dealer that I would rather do business with them. They located me a white '12 not to far away, they said I could have it at cost if I took a bike up there and brought it back. Well here is the pics, my new busa.... I need to come up with a name for it.

I wanted white to begin with anyway.




Thanks guys. Any help on nick names? I called my 07 Blue turbo bike Blu-sa like busa LOL

I already have a full Yoshi r55 exhaust just waiting for the ECU flasher and block off plates. I took the reflectors off... Yeah... had to take the tail section off just to do it.

More pics...



My son helped me too LOL


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