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I'm VERY new to the motorcycle scene. I've only been riding for a couple of months on a 250cc scooter. Hey, got to start somewhere. If the good Lord is willing, I'll have a Hayabusa at the beginning of 2010:please: Anyway, can you guys recommend some quality safety gear. I'm definitly going with Shoei for my helmet. Keep in mind safety is my number one concern. What riding jeans, mesh vest, leather jacket, gloves, riding boots would you guys recommend?

Check "" for Alpine star stuff if you can afford new, they are great to deal with..

If you are looking for used gear, it is often available here or just ask up, some guys are sitting on excess they are wiling to part with.. Good luck, be safe!

Lets see your scooter :)
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I shop around, but new enough is where I've bought recent items. I wear the Joe Rocket Alter Ego. It's very versatile and effective.
Don't have my camera handy but it is a SYM 250cc. Here's a pic of one.:laugh:

Welcome! Not sure how much you will do between now and the beginning of 2010, but the leap from a 250 scooter to a Busa will be huge. Glad to see you're looking at gear a MSF course mya help as much.