New to the forum.


Thanks Steven I've been on the site for several months now but didnt
Introduce my self properly or go through the correct process I'm Bigpopa 64 AKA , Q I've have received the best advice on things about my busa she is a 02 coming up on 30 thousand miles AKA, the Falcon I've have met the best guys in the world on this forum whom are Hayabusa lovers and it dont get no better than that so thanks Yellow, C10, Nastee, Mr Brown, 6 pack , Roadtoad , Frank of Powerhouse, Ali, and Jeffgordon24 if I forgot anyone I'm sorry you guys been valuable figuring the Falcon out did the dual fan mod and thermostat and fan switch she never gets into the 1/2 way mark with our tropical heat here in South Florida (Palm Beach county)Had Frank of Powerhouse flash my ecu another great mod before next year this time I will get the busa dyno the missing key so hello to the rest of you guys be glad to get off this rookie status :p:poke:


Welcome to the home of the busa. I have a cruiser too and a bad back and i feel 100% better riding the busa than sitting straight up on the cruiser. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


Welcome! I'd be interested in hearing your comparo - new '19 versus your prior Busas. Does newer == better?
More pics when you find time and congrats!

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