New tire protectant


I picked up my new Busa yesterday - snowing today (the slings and arrows...). The dealership mentioned protectant on the tires from the manufacturer that needs to be ridden off (carefully-especially in cold climates). Is there any cleaner that will give me a head start?

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Break it in slow, make sure that the tires are seeded good on the rims. It should only take about 100 miles before they are seeded and protection is off.

Busa Billy

Sandpaper! Trust me, I had 80 miles on mine and thought I was good to go...nope, went down. It was an easy down, hurt my pride more than anything. The slippery stuff is a dry rot preservative that they put on all tires. burn it off by riding and scuff off the edges with sandpaper.



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Sandpaper will not remove the solvents. The coating is not a coating or film on the surface, persay, but rather embeded in the rubber throughout in the casting process. By running the tires, the compounds get dryed out, in a sense. While sandpaper may help, the compounds will still be making their way to the surface.


Would softer tires be less affected by the dry rot inhibitor? I'm riding in a cold climate much of the time. Maybe a softer tire is in order anyway?


The Watcher

Just ride cautious for a day 100 miles and your done.


Gradually, lean it over a bit at a time to scrub in the whole width of the tyre, it's no good doing 100 miles in the upright position then leaning hard over into a bend on an unused part of the tyre.
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