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I made it back back to the track Sunday. I put my strap kit on worked great on keeping the front down but had a draw back of causing the rear tire to spin:banghead: I'm leaving at 3500-4000 rpm I'm still not dialed in on slipping the clutch I was still pretty consistent 1.70's 60' times ran in the 10.20's for 3 passes then I started spinning and then ran 2 10.30's and 1 10.40. The track was packed so I only made 6 passes. I still have yet to put on my rear lowering links. Any instruction for the gurus thanks in advance
1. Make sure you aren't running some junk hyper-mile touring tire
2. Make sure you are doing a good burnout
3. Don't put so much weight on the tank (or sit up more)
4. Soften the compression dampening on the shock
5. Go max rebound dampening on the shock
6. Loosen your strap a little bit
7. Get that back end lowered!
Thank you Dennis! I just have a stock tire. I let air out of it it didn't seem to help. I'm gonna try and get my lowering links on this week. Been workin 6-10's so wrench time is at a premium
Stock tire should not be a limiting factor at stock wheelbase unless it is old and hard or the track prep is bad. Tire pressure can go down to 20 psi without any problems. Readjust the chain after lowering. Have fun!
Dennis nailed it, adjusting the shock should be the ticket in my mind. When you compress the front it really stiffens up the rear along with it. Without any adjustments on the rear it could be causing you to break loose pretty easily. Now get it done!!! :D
Google is your friend there. There is a ton of info on this on the web, and your weight is going to come in to play too. This is my interpretation. Ultimately you want the bike to kind of slightly squat and take off toward the trap. On my bike that is stretched I have my preload set about as soft as it goes to help the bike squat way down and not spin the tire. However there comes a point for all bikes that when you go to far in one direction that you start to make it more difficult to hold the front end down while accelerating. Half the fun is making the adjustments and see how much better you can make the bike. Study up on it and you will be able to make your own changes as you learn more about your bike and develop skill. I'm not a suspension pro by any means, and I'm sure some guys on here will be more than happy to help you out!!!
Set your sag like this

Performance Dragshock? Setting Rider 'Sag' - YouTube[/url]

Shock gets set like this. Your adjustments are at the top and bottom of the shock.

Performance S1000RR Dragshock?/ Dragshock EZ? Suspension Demonstration - YouTube[/url]
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This forum is awesome thank you! I've only got a couple more times to go to the track. I'm setting a goal of a 9 second pass. I don't care if it's a. 9.99. Hopefully with this info and lowering links I can get there