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Somebody please help!
When I'm on ANY website and responding to a topic or just scrolling down the page, the response is extremely slow. Right now as I type this the cursor is moving across the box but none of the letters have appeared yet.
I'm not a computer wiz so I have no idea what's causing this. I called MSN, Gateway,TimeWarner Cable and no one seems to know how to fix this.
The above text took 3 min. to appear grrr!
I am assuming you did a reboot? Sometimes Windows does not release resources and it gets all jacked up. You may want to try to go to windows update and get the latest version of Internet Explorer. That sometimes fixes the problem. Let me know if that fixes it or not.
I did a reboot and already downloaded the latest version of Windows internet Explorer 6.
Did you perhaps catch a resource sucking Bug? You may be unwittingly be serving as a file server right now for some dude in Taiwan...

If it only does it while you are connected to the Internet I would say it may be something like that. Also be sure to dump your Cookies, history and temp files... :super:
Could be the blaster or gnochi virus as well. Do a virus scan and double check that. Also you can check how many packets are being sent through your network card. Go to Start Menu --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Network Connections. If you are doing nothing on the internet and the number of packets sent and received keeps counting up you have something using all of your resources. What version of Windows are you using?
How do I stop being a file server if that is the case?
Sorry Big O, Wish I could help here...I just know that it can happen and it's not good.

When your computer is just sitting idle while online do you see a whole lot of activity on your modem/router/NIC? IF you see the blinky lights just going to town while your computer is just plugged in that could be a sign. Unfortunatly I don't know how to fix it. Hopefully someone here can help.
A quick test would also be to unplug the network cable from your cable modem and see if that makes things normal again. If you can open task manager you should be able to see what process is eating CPU and memory. Are you lost yet?
Complete3ly lost...I can't find the network connections that shows the movement the lights are blinking like Las Vegasand I have to go to work in 10 min.
How do I open the task Manager?
Sorry guys I have to get to work, I'll get back to this laterThanks
If you are leaving your computer unattended, physically unplug it from the web. Just in case you are serving to the world...
I left it uplugged while I was at work Rev. I had a couple of friends at work say that it sounds like I'm running something in the background . Too many things running at the same time. I checked the temporary internet files in the Start/Find/Temporary Internet Files,should I delete them?
Yeah I would delete your temp Interenet files, Sort out your cookies and delete the unwanted ones, and delete your history.
Yeah Your friends are right, thats is exactly what it sounds like. But if it is only effecting your online performance it is likely that there is something back there.
Let me ask a few questions around here and see if I can get you some help or at least a better answer...

Are you on a dialup or a cable/DSL modem?
if your hard drive sounds like it is grinding coffee, it is shot.
if not, you might have a memory stick gone bad.

sorry owen. :sad:
When I'm on ANY website and responding to a topic or just scrolling down the page, the response is extremely slow.
one more thing...

you say "on ANY website". howabout NOT on a website and typing??

completely disconnect from the internet, reboot, and open Word, Excel, Wordpad... just something you can type in...

is it still slow?
DANG Big O, just do what cache told you:

1. disconnect PC from internet (unplug cable for example)
2. reboot the PC and wait for it to fully finish it's restart
3. if you are running XP or Windows2000 press CTRL + ALT + DEL to access the Task Manager
4. Sort the processes (Processes Tab) by CPU (clicking on "CPU" bar) and see if there's any process "eating" your system's resources. Usually you should have 90+ percent of System Idle Process when you are not doing anything, but if you have a virus you will see a high occupancy by some "#$"#$#$% process. It can have names like "Explorer.exe", which is different than "explorer.exe" (lowercase) - i've had that one once.
5. If there's nothing "eating" your CPU look at the hard disk light. Is it showing disk activity? No? If it's not just try to open Word or another program and work with it. Normal? ok, now connect to the internet and make all the steps again. If PC is slow again, you might be under attack. Hummm... better install a firewall. Ask a friend to help you on that.

Hope this helps :)

Note: i am not a Windows specialist, i'm a Unix sysadmin :tounge:
OK Straight from someone who knows a little bit...My Bro...  :D

This may not provide a solution but it will allow you to see what is going on...

"Goto the computer, make sure you're logged in as admin and go to a command

type in: netstat /?

That'll show you all the options you can use to see all the open network
traffic. You'll probably just want something like:

netstat -a

That'll show you all the stuff that's going on. the number after : will be
the port. The first column is protocol (tcp or udp normally), 2nd column is
the local address:port, 3rd column is the remote address:port that you're
talking to.

but I'd play around with all the options to check everything out."