My daughter's 8th birthday


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Today was my daughter's 8th birthday.
Tomorrow is the actual party.... but daddy could not wait to give her the present.

So here it is.... a 2003 Suzuki RM 65.

Here was her face the first time she saw it.

Here she is sitting on it (sitting, not riding.... ATGATT).

Dad walking here through the controls :-) (Notice the jealous neiborhoods kids in the back ground)

She started on a PW50 a few years ago.
Then progressed to a PW80.
Now she embarks on the RM 65.

This one will take some getting use to... but she will do just fine.

Right now all her gear is blue, but soon she will have all new PINK gear...
and the bike is destined to be pink as well.... probably with purple flames.

Anyways.... that's my girl and her birthday present from dad.

Here's a couple of pics from back in the day :-)
That's the best, seeing that smile!
Very cool toy; she'll get a lot of seat time on that...

Happy Birthday to her!!! She's adorable, even with a dead snake in her hands
Awesome gift... I can't wait to see the smile on my boy's face (and the frown on my wifes) when I get him his first scoot! Wish her a happy 8th BDay from all of us!
dude that thing is gonna scream.......them little RM's are fast.....
I think thats the coolest. Its also great she is into the dirt bike scene.
Great present!  That bike will rock!  

Make sure she takes it slow at first.  It is a strong bike.

Happy birthday to your daughter!
awesome gift and great pics...... i cant wait to have kids oneday so i can spoil the livin hell outta them

on a side note....... take a heat gun to them fender flares on the jeep...... itll bring the black back out in em...... worked great on my 97