My busa needz CPR

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My baby seemz to have lost her bite when I up shift . What I'm trying to say iz that she use to kick to the side like a phuckn wild bronco when excelerating hard from 1st up to 5th gear . I only have 11,000 mi on her ,I just notice it recently and the only mod that I've done to her before taking notice was going up two teeth on the rear and putting on a yellow box,everything else is stock besides the apperance. Oh'yeah after 5000 mi I changed the plugs and filter and the oil every 1,100 mi. What da  . Has anyone else experience this problem and what did you do to resuscitate ?
If by "going up" two teeth in the rear you mean you added two teeth.. that'd make it tougher for the bike to move (less torque).

I think the Busa should be able to easily handle it.. just wouldn't stand up as easily with a twist of the throttle.
HMMMMMMMMMMMM I dont know much about gearing and motor upgrading but I thought going up two on the rear gave it more torque.  She wheelies alot easier with a 42 tooth gear verse stock @ a 40 tooth gearing.
your right mr rythm up in back more zip ! its up in front less zip!could it be bike is fine you just got used to handling the beast?
your right mr rythm up in back more zip ! its up in front less zip!could it be bike is fine you just got used to handling the beast?
I stand corrected.. carry on.
Nah!!!!! I dont think this is the case (got use to it).  Someone suggested my clutch might be wearing sum.  Granted I have gotten use to her ;but she doesn't kick like she use too when I hit to the next gear.  I like to ride her hard at times (150ish)and pop a few wheelies @ times. If it not the clutch what else would cause this failure?
Failure= not performing like she use to= Lack of kickn azz

I'm going to say its my clutch like someone else suggested on another site (Lofty) .  How much work is involved in doing this and what else should I replace when replacing my clutch.  Good LQQkn out IONH
Gradually!!!!!!!! I just started riding her again this year after I completed all of my winter projcets. Since I had not rode her for seven month I started out easier on her for the first couple of rides ;but I did do a few short wheel stands
. I just recently stomp dowm on her and didn't get that umph (kick out to da side "literally") feel like I remembered. So what'cha think Cache Money I'm all ears.
Rid it adain. HIT the gas HARD, in whatever gear that you feel comfortable where you can watch the tack(2nd or 3rd).
If the motor revs more freely than before, but the bike isn't rolling like it should, it's prolly clutches slipping.
If the motor sounds and pulls in sink with the tach, it's prolly NOT the clutches.
performance engines like the 1300 can't be just sittin around... one way to lose the performance capabilities is to "baby" her, or long term storage. Just like high output engines found in cars like the Trans Am, they have to be run hard alot.

I suggest: fresh oil change (even if you just did) , fresh spark plugs, blow out or clean your air filter, and go run her as$ off for an hour or so. You will be amazed!!!
Most important - make sure you are not running 7 month old gas either! if so, change that shat out!!! So, spend the $30 and you are done.

Report back please
If your clutch is slipping it won't take long to figure this out........... When they finally go the bike will barely move, even at high revs! I'd start with the early suggestions about fuel, plugs, filter. Keep it real basic, the only other thing I can think of is the dreaded IGUTI..............And I hate it when this happens!
IGUTI, I Got Use To It........ Which means you've mastered the Busa! Its no longer a thrill to go 0 - 100 in under a blink. Now you have to go 0-200 in under a blink to get the same thrill..........
I've encountered that problem many times over the years!

It's a DREADED curse!

I had an 87 Hurricane 1000 with a posrted head, pipe and nitrous. Before 88 arrived, I was bored.

My ZX-11 ran 9.50s and felt slow.

It's a curse, I tell ya!
I'll put it to the test and keep you guyz up to date.  Thanks for the help.
Man I hope I didn't catch a case of the IGUTIsyndrome
. I hope she only needz a CPR application (clutch pack replacement) instead of a  six million dollar man Turbo revival.
What year is your busa? If its 99-00 there was a problem with the fuel system. You might wanna check this link out. But if its not one of these years...disregard and press on.
Well I just took her out for a run and it didn't seem to slip when climbing into the red zone when shifting into 2,3,4 . I did notice that she still likes to lift alittle when shifting to the next level but no tail slapping like it use too. It was also suggested to me that my clutch springs could be loose so I guess I'll be doing some out patient surgery this wk end on the clutch plates. I'll keep you guy up to date with the resultz.