My Busa got totaled, went down on a ride.


As some of you may know I recently posted a thread about the 5th gear going out on my Busa. I was debating on whether to try and fix it myself, take it to a repair shop, or trade it in. Maybe I should not have been still riding it with no 5th gear but it honestly felt fine in all the other gears, and I was told it would be fine until I got it fixed. It happened a few weeks ago on a Sunday ride with a couple of buddies. We had left Vegas to go to Primm which is the state line of Nevada and California. The bike was riding fine, I just would skip from 4th right into 6th gear!

After heading back to Vegas we headed to Mt. Charleston. While going through some sweepers I noticed when I was leaning left the rear end felt like it was sliding out from under me! After the second time I pulled over to check the rear tire for fluid or a flat, my friends turned around to check on me too. We examined the rear of the bike and didn't see anything obvious so we continued on. I am going a lot slower now for obvious reasons; I get to a turnabout which I've gone through plenty times before. As I'm leaning left going less than 15 MPH, the back end starts to slide again and this time I can't recover! It happened pretty quickly but we think the front tire may have hit the curb lip causing total loss of control!

Thankfully I walked away with just a bruised and painful heel from sliding into the curb. I was told the Busa suffered a hole in the engine and that was the main thing that totaled it. I'm still not certain what caused the rear end to slide out like it did, some one suggested that whatever was causing 5th gear not to work may have been locking up the rear wheel when I was leaning left. It was a great Busa and I will surely miss it!! :-( Hopefully I'll be on another one more sooner than later! Sorry for the long post!









Sorry about your bike, but like others have said you walked away and that's what counts. Don't let the insurance company bully you on the price. Get what it was worth and get you another one.


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ouch ...that sucks...our girls are heavy lotsa times when they go down it breaks the case.


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Sorry to hear this, but CONGRATS on the Gen2!!

I see you kept with the fastest color theme! :cheerleader:


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Understand your recent purchase more now. Sorry about the accident, but glad you were okay.
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