Moto GP 3

The Oracle

Anyone else gotten Moto GP3 for the PS2 yet???

Man it is very cool! Now you can use front and rear brakes independantly, shift your weight forward and backward, and do tricks!

Plus, it has a new cockpit view, which is CRAZY! And you can multitap for up to four players too!

Worth every penny me thinks...
Sounds interesting, but im not into GP much, almost bought the first for the xbox, but didnt. Then almost got moto gp2 for ps2 but didnt. Dont know if i will pick up any of them. I have moto racer 3 on the pc tho, its cool, can do anything but a wheelie, and stoppie if i wheelie than slam the brakes. But controlling both brakes should be a hoot for test purposes in a virtual world, hehe
A) for some reason Moto GP 1 and 2, I win every race, every setting on highest... kinda lost the euphoria. Kool game tho, very realistic graphics.

B) Grand Theft Auto - Vice City allows you to jump on 2 street bikes, a scooter, and dirt bikes.
THAT is a fun game! I am almost to the point where I get the boat............