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ok I went to survey the new parking lots and get updated on the event.

Ok so here is the deal.

Monday - Preparation for the Tuesday arrival of all Moto GP and AMA, Press and Media Relations personnel and Corporate

Tuesday arrival of MotoGP and AMA Teams to the track. Setup of Vendor areas continues as well as Media Prep.

Wed. Track inspection and final survey of layouts and possible problems.

Thursday _
Free entrance to the track and paddocks traditionally continues. This will be the only day you can basically get in free signing a release of liability. Get close to all of your teams and racers up close.

Friday - is Practice and inspection, tuning etc. Now get this!
Friday Night will be Fan Appreciation Party at track. AND

Friday Night at Cannery Row (((Yamaha will be celebrating it's 50th Anniversary on The Row. So it will be madness both Friday and Sat Night.

Saturday Gates open 6AM There will be the same AMA races as always and MotoGP. To alleviate the bottleneck of everyone leaving at once to goto Cannery Row. So they came up with some diversion.

The band SMASHMOUTH will be playing on the hill below the straight before the corkscrew, and there will be another party near Ducati Island with prizes and stuff being given away.
SuperCarts will be running nad the Parade lap will consist of
6 groups of 124 riders.
The Vendor area will be a madhouse and so will the outside paddock area. Normally during the biggest AMA /World Superbike races they had 9 trailers for all of the teams to use.
This event they have added 24 new portable buildings and 59 trailers will be in the paddock areas to house the MotoGP offices. You will npt be able to even see the MotoGP Paddock let alone go there. They have added a Media TV commentator buliding that is 4 stories tall and blocks the Start Finish line.
There are new bridges and the runouts are huge now on the Rainey curve and turn 2.

Saturday NIGHT-Cannery Row will host 4 sponsored events TBD. But I know it will be crazy.
Also I was told that they will be filming FASTER-2 which will be centerd around Laguna Seca and they will be everywhere to show the fan side of MotoGP. So if you see em do something Crazy....No don't. I am hearing a Zero Tolerance from Del Rey Oaks PD as they are haters of Motrcycles they will have extra reserve officers out givivng tickets I will be posting roads to NOT be screwing around. The Mayor of Del Rey Oaks is very staunch on his position of no noise in his town.

This event is proportionately 175% larger than any other event held here and is now the Anchor event for the track which means it is all Moto now folks.

Note:: BRING EAR/hearing protection!!!!
Serious I heard a Suzuki GP bike the other day and Holy Sh%d
it was loud.

If you have gone to my site you can read about the newest changes brought about by this event also at

Again I also have the following info/help.

I have secured 25% of the camping at the Shooting range which will be quiet, for my volunteers and I have extra tickets available if you want to help out and get in free. So if you need a place to crash and would like to help us out just holler back.

I will keep posting addendums to this post until the next update.

If you have questions about MotoGP or need lodging goto and you will find the only rooms available in the area on the site.

Colin Edwards will be doing a promotion in Hollywood just like the Nicky Hayden one he did in NYC.
Remember Michael Jordan (AMA- Pridmore), Ludacris Moto GP -WCM/Blata, which btw is one of two motogp machines taht has a V6 engine!!!), Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc all have teams outhere in both races. Cannery Row will be NUTS BABY

Thanks I will let you know when and where the XSBA Stunt shootout will be as soon as it is known due to it being a "Street"

Yours Truly

Guess what too I have a program. HEeehehheeeeee

oh BTW No I have not finished painting my bike. (sobbing)
and any other things you have questions I missed, or concerns hit me up.


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Great info, that mayor is going to be pulling his hair out by the end of that week.
Keep us posted of the roads to avoid in the area. Would like to at least get to the event instead of sitting in traffic all day.
These factory parties are they for everyone or just VIP?


hrmmm-- I would love to go.... Little far considering limited time off for making the journey busa-back from MA tho... Perhaps fly in and rent a bike?


ahh hell-- now I'm chewing on squeezing in a 7200 mile jaunt that week on bruiser busa.. the gremlins are twisting my arms!


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Man this is one of the posts that makes me wish I were back in the states... You guys are gonna have soooo much fun! man I am jealous!


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man i bet i messed up and waited way too long to get on the ball for this event. i cant believe how fast it snuck up on me.