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Hey everyone,

This is a last call for volunteers for the upcoming Red Bull U.S. Gran Prix –AKA : US MOTO GP to be held here in the Monterey Bay Area at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway.

Volunteering to help with Parking up on Wolf Hill and the new parking area adjacent to Wolf Hill above the raceway. No garbage pick-up. There are a lot of perks with this :
1.) You get to help insure MotoGP will stay here in the US!
2.) You get into the races FREE!
3.) The way things are going Tickets will likely be sold out, So you are in!
4.) You only have to work for 6 hours. Day for Day. In the Morning or Afternoon shift.
5.) Try to buy ticks now and see how much they are???!!!
Save the World Shoot a Scalper!!

I have been given a limited number of tickets. but I need as many volunteers as I can get. If you have only a set budget and you wanted to see more of the races, this would be your way in. I need to get this done ASAP and sign agreement with Track Management too.

BONUS!! I will set a meeting that week for us to be on grounds during testing!!!!!

YES you will see Moto Superstars in practice. Valentino Rossi, (Congratsi onda 1st EVER Chinese Gran Prix Victorio!!!, Magnifico), US riders : Ben Bostrom , John Hopkins, Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards, Seti Gibernau, MAX Biaggi, up and coming Olivier Jacque (Congrats 2nd Place Chinese GP!), Noriyuki Haga Not to Mention Loris Capirossi, Nakagawa, and DO NOT FORGET AMA RACERS… a WHOLE ‘Nother WORLD Mat Mladin, Gary McCoy and Yes even Michael Jordan will be Here with his Team led by Jason Pridmore and will be on the AMA Grid, The Other Hayden Bros Tommy and Roger Lee, Miguel Duhamel, Troy Corser, Aaron Gobert, Ben Spies, Jake Zemke not to mention the purportment of the motorcycle world, The Kenny Roberts entire family, with Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson and some other legends out on the track in supercarts that reach 140 mph on the track for the Legends Cup. They will all be here in one place one weekend. CRAZY!!! and there is so much more. Cannery Row Nights, the SuperMoto Races, Vendor Displays, shows, good people Fun, etc.

With the turnout at Daytona being so-so, it's hoped that this will be the New sportbike capitol of the Earth.

Let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you all. If you have friends that can make it and want to also save money for volunteering, send ‘em my way.

EMAIL or Postal:


P.O. BOX 326
Salinas, CA 93902


Yours Truly,

Roy Castro, Jr.
RidersNation, SBC


Contact the Defense Language Institute there in Monterey.

When I was a student there (way long ago), students were often asked to work at the raceway.

Part of being in the military is community service and you should be able to get some volunteers pretty easily.

Just look up the base's public affairs rep and contact them. Good luck.