MC Mustang's retirement from the Marine Corps, PCola, Fl. on 2 Aug


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Just wanted to ensure that you received an invite to my ceremony for Aug 2nd.

MC Mustang's Retirement

To view the invitation please click the link below.
If you are unable to click on the link please copy and paste the address into your web browser.
Electric Invite Linky!

Also, if any of you are able to come in, we made a deal with the Ashton Inn and Suites on Navy Blvd (about four miles from the NAS Pensacola Main Gate) for $89 per night for Aug 1 through the 4th (tax included). We blocked 40 rooms (30 efficiency suites with two double beds and 10 efficiency suites with single beds and a sofa). The 30 double rooms are in a building together with a meeting room that we will use for the recepetion/party. We are asking everyone coming from out of town to stay there because it make make things like transportation to/from the ceremony much easier. Also, the more people that stay there, the more they will do for us as a group. The website for the Ashton Inn and Suites is in the link below. When making your reservation, call (850) 455-4561 and tell them you are with the Hughes retirement group. Also, if you have any questions, send them to: and Snooki will get right back to you (I am not allowed to see what she is doing?!?) LOL.
That is great to hear James! It'll be awesome to see everyone!
Omar and Michele are planning on coming down, and so are several others; since I already had this FB, I figured I would also throw it up here...
Shawn, the RSVP on the invite linky is acting screwy. Tried to RSVP.
as stated in the post above above, i will be there whether i get that RSVP to work or not :beerchug:
Yep, we're going, already have put in for the time off from work and booked rooms :thumbsup:

Can't wait!!!
Just an update, since we are 31 days out. If anyone is interested in coming out, I promise that it will be a good show at least! LOL

So, Bump :)
I'm not gonna be able to make it :( Levon has a dr appt that day. Besides I'm not sure this would be an appropriate event for a 1 month old.

Y'all have a great time. Congrats again Shawn!!
Less than a week and counting! Shawn, you are getting SHORT :)
its not going to happen shawn... wish we could be there as my daughter is at Egin AFB now. would have been a nice trip.
I regret that I will not be able to make it. I was so looking forward to being there with you and all of our friends, and to see my Dad, but I just can't get off work. Sometimes I just HATE the motorcycle business.