Lowered the price to 8000.00


If someone calls tonight they can have it for 8000.00.
I appreciate the help from the board and all the comments. I hope everybody calls the few that have expressed intrest in buying a Busa. I have faith in the board. Ill be up all night.

The post is below. Somewhere.
Phone 205-522-1121

I really want the VTX1800 . My back really wants it.
rabtech-give me a shout, I have a sweet 1800 VTXc with 5000 miles on it and a lot of extras on it.  I live on the panhandle of Florida.  $10,000 and it's yours!!!
Hey Blass, Why not trade him straight across for his Busa and some extra Parts and goodies?  Two SE's chillin in the Garage, you have your future full Turbo, lowered, pimped up track bike, and the street bike....  Win WIN....If I had the money, I'd be all over it...  

It's like sex, nothing better than having two at the same time...Especially if they're twins...  ;)   :eek:
Sorry Rab, I found one locally and I ended up getting that one. I really thought about yours but I really needed a bike that could ride 2-up and from the looks of yours with no rear pegs and the high mound exhaust, it doesnt really look like you can ride 2-up. Anyway, good luck getting it sold.