I have to sell my busa


I have found a bike that I can buy for 8900.00. It is a VTX 1800. I have severe back problems and I have to get rid of my Busa. I have to sell mine quickly because it will be gone fast. Someone buy mine so I can continue riding. I was asking 10,000 for it but I will take 8500.00 for it today. It is beautiful. If you know someone that want a bike tell them to call me today. I have around 14,000 in it.

Call me at 205-522-1121 for more details.

Clear Front Turns
Polished Adjustable Triple Clamp
Polished Adjustable rear dogbones
Zeon Headlights
16 tooth Sprocket Speciaties Front Sprocket
Extreme Graphics Rear undertail with LED
Custom Busa Valve Caps
Only run pure 10*40 Oil Every 500 miles no Synt
6 inch extentions bolt on.
Chrome cush Drive
Chrome Wheels
Chrome rotors
Yoshimura Full Race carbon fiber exhaust.
Michilin rear (I have a new Bridgestone 010 that will go with it)
Tank Bra with BUSA logo
NIKKO G-Pack Timing Advance
Factory Exhaust system with 2 minutes on it.
Factory rear pegs
Factory Rear Grab Bar
Factory reflectors
Has won most HP at Lynchburg TN in Metric Class on DynoJET
I had the seat but was chewed up by dog (layed on ground outside) Don't have dog anymore!

seems like a great price but kinda in a hurry? I take months to make purchase decisions. And I already have ONE. Maybe if I set the throttles, tie rope across both sets of handle bars I could stand on the seat and still steer them... lik ea cowboy standing on two horses?? hmmmm might be fun.