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Went for a hard ride today with 6 other bikes.  Had my 1 piece Highside JR with gloves and boots.  Went in a right hand turn a little hot(70mph), but everything felt good.  The next thing I know, I am sliding on the road.  My frame savers held up great until I went off the road and that's when it flipped.  Gear saved my skin...just have a sore body.  Was very glad we were on back roads with no traffic.  I was able to bend my left handle bar and pull off my undertail so I could ride it home.  My Akrapovic exhaust is trashed along with all the plastics.  The tank is also smashed. The frame seems fine along with the forks and wheels.  I have full coverage and hope it all works out.  
As I was lying on the ground I just couldn't believe this just happened.  I loved that bike and kept it looking like I just bought it...now it looks like poop!!  I put a lot of money and time into this bike.  I know I should be thankful I didn't get hurt, but this sucks!!!

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Jeez! Glad you're ok man...
They always say, you can fix the bike...
Good thing you had the gear on.
At least you could ride it home.
Man I can feel your pain, both to the bike and your bones, so sorry to hear about this. You are to be commended on your choice to wear the gear, without it you would likely be in the hospital. Thank goodness you were wearing the right stuff.

The bike can be fixed, especially with full coverage ins, so no worries, you are OK is the MAIN thing !

Wish you luck on the repairs.

BTW, you are real close to my hometown, born and raised in Pensacola, my roots go way back in the P-Town ! Great Grandad all the way down to me are all natives, as well as a Great Grandmother that was a full blooded Creek Indian !

Glad to hear you're okay. Good gear makes all the difference.

Depending on the cost of repairs, you may want to think twice about using insurance due to the increase in rates. Spend enough to get the bike road worthy (controls/lights) and then you can fix the rest as time goes on.

Just a thought.
Sorry to hear about your crash. I'm glad you're ok. I feel your pain on the bike though. I totaled an '03 Busa earlier this year but I ended up with 4 cracked ribs and a broken shoulder blade. Bikes can always be replaced.

Consider yourself lucky bro...
awwwwwwwwwwe shooshoo! Sorry to hear, any idea what went wrong? I ride with the tires... front break loose or the rear? - wishing a quick recov to the busie... :cool:
awwwwwwwwwwe shooshoo! Sorry to hear, any idea what went wrong? I ride with the tires... front break loose or the rear? - wishing a quick recov to the busie...  :cool:
As I lay around and watch football, I wonder if I was on my old GSXR 1000 if I would have made the turn. I came across a small hill and made a sharp right...I did everthing correctly and new I was far over so I just kept leaning and looking through the turn. The stock front tire just didn't hold and I was down. I had a new BT012 in the garage, but was going to replace it in about 1000 miles. I blame it on the front tire but my friend behind me says I was just going to fast. He braked before the turn and I just took it. As he came by me, my bike was doing cartwheels.
Blas32, I am super glad you are alright! At least you didn't hit anything like tree. That would definitely have changed your life.

The bike does look fixable, though.

One thing this crash may do is send a message to you that you aren't being paid to race and don't have a camera on you when you do the cool things you do.

Things happen in life. Some you learn from, some you don't.

I hate sliding on pavement.

<table style=filter:glow(color=orange)><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>Crashing sucks.</span> </table>
crashing sucks, glad your ok though. Keep an eye on ebay, you can usually find someone who bought all new plastic, and are letting there originals go for a decent price, sometimes you can even get a tank too.
hope you have a speedy recovery.:(
Glad you are going to be ok. From the looks of it if you want to keep that bike
you'd better let your shop know it. Cause other wise that bird is cooked. The up
side is you can get a New Bird, one with no doubts!
Damn Dude.... Really sorry to hear about this. Glad your intact and the ride doesn't look too bad. Gotta get her fixed, see you back out there.