Banged up Evolution?


My bike was totaled but was wondering what my Akrapovic Evolution (full titanium) is worth with a dented can (bad) and a small dent on the mid pipe with a perfect header (6000 miles)?  I may put on the stock if it's worth it.  They will pick it up in the next few days.  Not sure what they will give me or what the bike will be worth yet.  Was going to buy the bike back if the price is right but also found out that with a salvaged title over $1500, I can't get registration on it.  Think it's a Florida law.

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MMMMM, I smell a badass track bike?:super: The Cannister can prolly be dissasembled and straightened. Or Akropovich can fix it. But from what I saw of it you could probably make a sweet track bike out of it, either 1/4 miler or road course.

Just a thought...
If you want to sell the headers with the mid pipe. I will take it off your hands for $200 shipped to Rockville, MD 20853