Lay'n here on the couch loaded on pain killers


Hey all,
Haven't been on very much since the spring bash, way to much going on here. Since the bash I've been on my bikes 1 time. Sometime after the bash my back started giving me some troubles and bad weather kept me from riding. Started off as a sore back then last week of June me and the wife went to Ashville, Nc to do some riding. Never really got very far back started hurting so bad we made a week trip 3 days long including the ride home :(.
Doctors first thought maybe a pinched nerve, week later got worse. Back to the doc and a shot in the back, no relief. 4 more days of lay'n on the couch and off the the ER. After MRI, CT scan looks like not not good news for me. 1 hurniated disk 2 starting, 1 cycst the size of your thumb on the nerve bank that run down your right leg. Yeah can you say OUCH or a few other good words.
I get to go next monday to get s shot right into the l4,l5 disks to see if the pain relivies. If so i will need back surgery the repair those disks and be a few weeks more down, if the cycst is the problem looks like it will get more involved being the location. Hopefully everything is ok but the doctor did kinda a give me a strange look when I asked "Now how long is it before i can get back to my motorcycles?"
You just think all is well. Just goes to show ya the next turn might be something different.

I will try to keep everyone informed.


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Dang man, I feel for you. I spent ten days recently flat on my back and the pain was almost unbearable. Then another two weeks getting back to normal. Have no idea what the cause but when you are down in the back, you are down for the count.

Sorry to hear your pain but hope you have a good outcome!


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Oh, wow, sorry to hear about that. The thought of back pain makes my back hurt. I know there are lots of things that can go wrong with the body, but that is what I fear the most. Hope everything gets back to normal quickly, bro.


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This sucks to hear. Hang in there and I hope you get feeling better soon. :beerchug:


I can only imagine how all that must feel! If you feel it necessary, go for 2nd opinions & I hope you get well soon.


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:please: Doc's can do a lot but they have trouble adding the will power of the human spirit to the healing part of the equation, so keep your head up an hope :thumbsup:


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Been there, Done that. Same disc L4-L5. Lived on Vicoden for over a year until finally I couldn't take it any longer and said OK to the surgery. He went in and cut out only the part of the disc that was herniated and pushing on the nerve and also ground down the vertebrae a little with like a dremmel to make more room the the nerve.Still not 100% relief but at least I can function without painkillers. Good luck!


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Hope you can over come this Do....Best wishes for a speedy fix/recovery


Been there, Done that. Same disc L4-L5. Lived on Vicoden for over a year until finally I couldn't take it any longer and said OK to the surgery. He went in and cut out only the part of the disc that was herniated and pushing on the nerve and also ground down the vertebrae a little with like a dremmel to make more room the the nerve.Still not 100% relief but at least I can function without painkillers. Good luck!
I went that route in 2005. I was doing pretty good until I was pulling on my socks one morning and the same disc ruptured again. The second disc L3-4 ruptured while I was doing PT for L4-5. :banghead:

Avoid surgery if at all possible.


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Get well soon. and no matter what make sure you do some solid rehab. i've had plenty of injuries and neglected my rehab and now I pay for it everyday.


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I feel your pain.

I am off work because of my back. had my MRI today at 3:00. waiting on the results.

Same as you. one day everything is fine (a few weeks ago) and now I cant even walk 20 feet without being in extreme pain.

Fortunatley for me however the shots they have been giving me is making it tolerable.

Good luck on your back problems. back problems suck


Good luck and god bless man. I know what it's like to be laid up and can't do what you want. I hope they get you right and you can get back to normal.


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Hope you're well soon, you don't realize how lucky you are until you're sick.
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