Laconia bike week

I am attending Bike week 2002 I would like to see how many Busa owners we can get together at this event others welcome to I guess there was a point when I only had an 1100
So Email me with any suggestions on where to meet what day we can plan it for lunch somewhere or something it would be great to see all of the mods to others bikes I saw a Big bore Busa last year WOW
So email me and we can see what we can do


I"m in been going for the last 21 years we could meet at the track at the AMA booth out front we should reconize each other.I'll be there from the 7th till the 19th The track is in Louden NH on Route 106 North/east You ca check out at laconia bike week .com or to find the link
It will be a great time There is only one drawback this year there wont be an AMA Superbike circuit race this year they didnt make the track mods required. If you are interested in going and having a BUSA meet contact me at I have a good size riding crew in NH I used to live there. hope to ride with you.


Sorry guys I failed to mention there will definetly be races and they will be running the 79th Louden Classic Suerbike race CHEERS
:hammerhead: Sorry about the lack of info guys this is my first attempt at a get together Bike week is June 9th - June 16th most of the fun being on the weekend from 14th to 16th (thats when I will be there) in Laconia N.H. it is hard to get reservations at a hotel but I stay at a campground just outside with showers etc I also have been going for years and its alot of fun. They do not let cars into weirs beach unless you live there just bikes I bet there is about 50,000 bikes on the last weekend. We are getting some great ideas so keep it up. Any questions if you have never been and need to know a place to stay anything let me know I will help if I can
I have gotten a few replies for some intrest in a meeting at bike week this year I cant believe that is all the Busas in this area where are you all from


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Here is a donation for you Hawaii, you can stay at my house anytime you come to the East Coast, but you can't ride my Busa. I don't even let my sons ride the Ninja Eater.
Watch where ya park your Busa there... Last year my friend had his 2001 Busa ripped off when he was there! Stayed at a Hotel and in the morning came out and it was gone... He thought it was a joke the night before all our friends told him to park his Busa on the end so they did not get their bikes knocked over when someone came to steal it. The next morning when he saw tire marks across the grass to where the Busa was parked he thought some one set it up and moved the bike to bust the nuts... Park it where its safe! It is a great place to go to lots of fun there, but protect your ride! And if ya catch some one ripping off your ride my buddy would like ya to thump the guys ass a few times just for him... Have fun all!


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hahaha! Ninja E I would feel the same ...
I may take you up on the accomidations some day though and we have a spare room here for you too. I'll have to check w/ the Mrs. though thats the guest room / craft & sewing room... hahaha.
Hey all I have gotten some replies from a bunch of people that want to meet up we have to come up with a day and time and place I like the suggestion of at the track myabe on sat around lunch (So all who are hung over can attend) I dont want you all to think that I just want Hayabusas my best friend is on a slow GSXR1100 hehe But if anyone comes up with something better we can try to work it out email me

PS hey Ninja my 7 year old daughter drives mine on back roads I take her to school on it on warm days she is the coolest kid in school (she asked for my 1100 when I bought the Busa said I could ride on back and hold it up what a smart ass huh )
I don't how many of you light weights we be up on sat at noon (just kidding) we are talking race day 6/15 at the track
the easiest place to meet is to the left of the ticket booths by the phones if its busy that will be the best place to gather otherwise the traffic will heard you toward parking and ticketing sometimes its tough to get out of that traffic I'm not sure whether the AMA booth will be there due to non sanctioned races.I hope that this is a good place if not let me know .My riding crew and I will also be down at the Weirs for our traditional midnight run Fri night check Busa NJ tags hope to see you guys there pray to the sun gods. The last two years they ran the Superbike finals on Monday due to rain.
Me and a couple of friends would like to get in on that midnight run if you are accepting others we stay at a national park just down the road from the bbq place where all the harleys hang out last turn before the straight road to weirs beach its a state run park i think white mountain campground or something like that maybe we could meet somewhere around there

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