ok, how many fartley's can you pack onto a beach???
answer: way too many!!!
I tried to take a nap on the beach there...forget it, all I heard was the untued farting of literally 20,000 harley's trying to keep thier engine's at a high enough rpm.
What a waste of a fest. However there is a sportbike fest on Sunday River near bethel Maine the last week of June.

However, for those of you in Northen New Hampster/Vermont and Maine, I envy you guys...the mountains up there are awesome, clear roads and no cops!

I spent a week out there camping and it was so much fun riding up there. The sportech's I put on before I left really helped out in the twisties.

Honestly I would not go back to Laconia for the bike fest, but I would certainly love to go back up there and ride everywhere, there is tons of beautiful scenery.
I take it you will not be going to the 100th year harley celebration in Milwaukee.

Sorry Laconia wasn't to your liking.
Bad weather again.
Do you have any more info on the Bike Meet in Bethel, Me this weekend or a link too it?
Yeah let me know about the sport bike event at Sunday River its nice up there thats one of my favorite places to ski.Next time you go to laconia give me a call we had a blast.
sorry guys I was busy these last weeks.

although it doesn't apply anymore for this year, the rally was on the ~26th of june, but it sould be a lot better than a fart fest.

though I live here I am extremely going to be disappointed in all of the farting that I will be hearing this fall. I hate listening to untuned V-twins tha tmake no hp.
we thought that laconia itself sucked, but we had tons of fun riding around the mtns in Maine and new hampster. I love the scenery out there.
most of the time the biggest problem that I have with Harley riders is that they think that thier bike is the best thing out there...sorry, but no! it's not, not for the money, the sound, or the looks, they're a waste in my opinion and this is the only concentrated part of the coutry that the fartly guys will seriously kick your butt for downing a harley...let's see them catch me.