Laconia Bike Week 03


Here is some pix of this years bike week inLAconia I hope you all enjoy Me and my Harley crew we did 212 miles thats caterbury NH the Sticks

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Me with Hells Angel Nick Zitto you may hane seen him in OZ or other movies.That is a hog t-shirt
Hey Jetset,

You don't miss an event do you?
I love the pics dude. That one with the skeleton cracks me up. Your comments about the skeleton were pretty cool too, but somehow I picture the Stunnahman with kind words for this one. Anyway, how long has the Laconia event been going on? My brother used to speak of this and Sturgis when he was in college. He used to attend Dartmouth in New Hampshire. I'm just curious to know if my brother just read about it or did he actually attend some of these events. (Note: My brother attended Dartmouth in the early and mid- 70's).

BTW Jetset, who's that piece-of-sh^t 4-wheeler for?
Probably was the fastest thing out there huh?
The Louden Classic is the oldest motorcycle race in the country 80 years running. Your Bro is a smart guy if he graduated from Dartmouth its not far from Laconia.
The only Busa I was able to hook up with.  That's mine on the left.