Just like I met ya


My chain ritual is designed to get me out on the road on the weekends -- WD40 + heavy gear oil every week or so. If it wasn't for this, I'd be stuck chasing a toddler full time on Saturday and Sunday. Gotta warm up the chain, eh?

Anyway, As I learned to ride low speed stuff, maximum braking was key. Once I got the 'Busa I was (and still am) intimidated by its potential, so I virtually never went WFO except when I was in a deliberately high gear, such as at the track.

Today, however, when I went out for my warm-up ride it was about 36 degrees and I was feeling frisky. After I got a ways out of town I started doing some passes around slower traffic on nice, long sweepers, and then I finally found myself cracking it open all of the way.

It was nice. Just like I found the bike all over again. It just gets up and goes -- almost leaping forward before you can think about what's next. All the time my instructor's advice was in my head: "commit to the pass." So I was. It was tough to reign it in as I came near civilization.

Back in the stable, chain cleaned and lubed, ready for the ride to work tomorrow. Pity I can't do this every day.

The BUSA is unbelievable isn't she. When I see your screen name I think of the BMW site, which I still visit every so often. I thought you were moving to West Virginia?

Ahh, the light and life of the Hayabusa.

There simply is nothing like it, is there Mcoyote?