I was waxed at the dealer...


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Took the Busa into the dealer for service today. I know a lot of you guys disdain this practice, but these days I don't have time to do it myself, so the dealer gets it. At least I have a receipt!

Anyhoo, I get the bike home after the short ride from the dealership and I'm looking it over. Everything looks ok, but there's something different. I decide that it's the chain. It's not as bright as it was when I left it off for service.

So my interest is piqued. On closer inspection, I notice that there is a film over the chain and beneath the film is a cleaner chain (and sprocket) than I had brought in.

As it turns out, they removed the chain, cleaned it and dipped in paraffin, in addition to cleaning the rear sprocket. I was impressed!

Thanks to DeLand Motorsports in, where're else, DeLand, FL!

Great guys. Ask for Andy, the owner.
Not all dealerships are bad! I've been pretty lucky and had those that do things the right way. Glad they took that extra step for you.

Thanks, good to hear that somebody is doing it right!
Even with my chain experience, I'm not down on dealers. I'm down on the one that just did my chain, but my next service will be done at the dealer, just a different one. Kind of sux having to change since the one that just screwed me is convienient to get to.