It's Been A Good Time..


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But over the last 2 years I've grown steadily more and more bored with riding on the street. There used to be a regular group of us that hit the twisties pretty often through the riding season, but now all have disappeared to other places and other things. The only sport bikes I see are in the city limits of Springfield, most usually lowered and with long swingarms, and none with any desire to leave the land of stoplights and traffic. All I see out in the country now are a bunch of frowning clowns on cruisers. This has left me wandering the backroads alone for the last 2 years. Seriously, I have not rode on the street with another person for 2 full years now. It's just not much fun anymore, so I sold the Busa today.
Will be playing in the dirt now. Have many friends to ride with there, several race series to run, always fun, and always something happening. I'm sure I'll be back to the street eventually, give it some time off and come back with something different someday.
I'll still stop in and see what's up ever once in a while, been a good time here on the Org. You all take care and ride safe, later..
later dude.

I actually prefere to ride alone. I only have 1 friend who used to ride with me.We would even ride side by side. My first Busa and his ZX-12.It was always a good street fight. Nobody wants to play with Rubb and his Busa anymore. :heart-break:

It might be a "personalities thing" too. Nobody likes mine.:laugh:

It is fun to play in the dirt thou...hurts less when you crash...sometimes. I need foot surgery right now because of my dirtbike.:whistle:

i'm sorry to hear that but at least your still riding. i love riding solo and ride with people here and there but different strokes for different folks. have do what makes you happy.
I'm with Rubb,

I ride about 50% alone and 50% with one good friend who also rides a Busa. Not including my commute.

Sometimes I will take an in-town ride on a loop around and through Albuquerque and I really enjoy it but I do it alone mostly. I don't like distractions in town and feel safer solo.

Sometimes it's out in the mountains, Jemez to Los Alamos is my fave.

Sometimes it's out in the desert when speed is what I crave.

Sometimes it's with my buddy, he rides faster than I but we ride our own rides and he always waits up when I get behind.

Recently I've taken to hanging out at a coffee house near Tijeras every Sunday morning. Some mornings there are 20-30 bikes of all kinds and vintages. Mostly older guys but there are some ladies also. We hang out, drink coffee and have a breakfast sandwich and take take rides up the Enchanted Highway and up to Sandia Peak. Sometimes the Wife goes with and it's always a great morning.

I love the comraderie but it's just as good riding alone.

You either love to ride or you don't.

I like the Motto

"Live to ride, ride to live"
I'm in the same boat....have a bike and do not ride why have it? Seeing a bike or car leave the driveway is a bummer or a hand full of money.
I ride alone on boring long straights.
Bikes been sitting for more than a month in perfect weather.
Feel guilty for owning it.

Stick around though.
it rains too much! lol Seems like when I am at work the sun shines. When I get off work it rains. Go figure! Anyway hope to hear you back on the street soon enough.
yo ppl wth weres the adventure get go some were its part of our 2wheel life style .at the end of the day your still on 2wheel so have at it bro
Yep I pretty much ride alone. Once in a great while the posers that ride to a meeting place and talk all day will ride. I do have a group that I ride with but we're three hours apart. Lots of solo rides.
Sometimes change is good. The best thing is to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what you are doing.
I understand you man. I ride a lot solo but also like riding with a couple of my buddys. At least you are still on 2 wheels my friend
I ride by myself so nothn unusual there but change is good. ive gone times without a bike but always go back.