Insurance question

State farm here also, <$400 year with $500 deductable. AND in florida at least they cover track days =)
state farm $392/yr and that includes medical on an '05 i also have homeowner's ins and 2 cars covered and i've been with them for 22 years they have been good to me...quite a few tickets and wrecks through the years and they only raised my rates once...i try to keep the mishaps spaced out lol
I checked with Geiko and they wanted $3250 for less coverage than State Farm for my new 06. $504 year full coverage 100/300 , $500 deductable with medical and everything. It also includes $100,000 coverage for Underinsured/not insured drivers. I have been with them for years and they have been great. I bought my bike on a Saturday and my local State Farm place was closed and I had to have it right then, I couldn't wait until Monday to pick it up. SO I went with Geiko just until Monday morning then I called and canceled and they refunded me all of my money no problem.
But long story short STATE FARM all the way!! Have fun!