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Ok... after looking at some of these pics of that poor girl on here... I decided to pry open my wallet and spend a little cash on some gear... I have a good jacket and lid, what I am in need of is some nice gloves, boots, and pants. I always ride with jeans and normal shoes, and have some crappy gloves that probably would not buy me much during a spill. My budget is around 300 for the boots gloves and pants. As far as comfort, well I never ride longer than 100 miles, so... yeah they have to be comfortable, but I will give a majority for safety. I have been looking at "riding" pants that are supposed to be reinforced, but who knows... maybe textile pants??? BTW I live in FL, so I cannot wear anything that crazy.... Thanks for all the help guys/gals:beerchug:

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Budget friendly gear... I know where you are coming from....

Boots.. look into VEGA boots.. good price.. comfortable... depends on your style.

Icon Riding pants... comfortable even in HOT temps... (I use the ARC pants.. but any of their stuff with armor is good)... and you can get a pair for about $100...

Cortech makes good gloves.. pretty economical.... you can even get textile.. just make sure they have some armor and leather in the important areas.

That is my personal experience... please no flames...


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No flaming needed. This is just people's personal preferences.

+1 on the Cortech gloves.

I recommend leather everything over textiles. Simply better protection.

Good on ya for getting geared up.



Wear your military boots. ALpine stars octane-s-moto gloves leather $50-$70. Baracuda in FT Walton has 30% off clearance Icon and Joe Rocket reinforced jeans. Plus they also have a clearance table of gloves:thumbsup: If you want we can hook-up during the week and go to Foley, Ala. They have a larger selection of gear.:welcome:

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Check out New Enough. Great stuff at great prices.
+1.. you can get a decent MC boot for around $100 I do have a pair of Tourmaster Gortex size 46 (11.5US) used for $60 TYD.. (I bought some better A.Stars)

Joe Rocket pant.. They make an "pant" with padding that is way out front compared to just jeans.. still not race worthy but for the street? I have started riding with mine pretty regular.. I ordered a size larger and slip them over my pants (or shorts) Plus they got lots of pockets.

Joe Rocket Atomic Textile Motorcycle Pants :: New Enough, LTD

Gloves: I can not ride without gloves.. About the cheapest ones I have seen I would wear were by Icon (shorty glove) they have some padding and are not real flashy..

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