I need an alarm!!!


After having two bikes stolen in the last 10 months, I have decided that I probably need an alarm...

I would like to have a paging alarm that I sould set to silent mode, as well as a non-GPS based tracking system...

Anyone got any recommendations?
2 bikes in 10 months you need a 50cal pistol with a trip switch. maybe 220 volts and anough amps to fry the mother.
Yeah an Alarm and move yourself to nice quiet suburb somewhere, or find a ground floor place with a sliding glass door so you can park it inside.
2 bikes in 10 months you need a 50cal pistol with a trip switch.  maybe 220 volts and anough amps to fry the mother.
Been looking for the new S&W .50 cal, but can't seem to find one anywhere... Have you seen it?

I've got some leads... The bike is going to be on the cover of Cycle Trader in 2 weeks with a Reward... That gave me some names last time, and I am looking forward to seeing if the same names come up again...
You need to move!  And if you did move after the first one then move again.
Where in Houston do you live?
I had my busa stolen from the dealer the day i was going to test ride it. when i finally got a replacement i bought a gorilla alarm and have been pretty happy with it. It may not be the best alarm on the market but if someone really wants it there going to take it.
In addition to everything your doing.........
Why not make a decal that says something like "This vehicle protected by Lo-jack tracking device!" Then wire up a $1 LED blinking light next to the decal......................

You'd be surprised at how well this might work!
You need to move!  And if you did move after the first one then move again.
Where in Houston do you live?
I did... The Busa was stolen from the basement of the parking garage of the Post Rice Lofts, downtown. The Gixxer was stolen from my new apartment off Westheimer, just inside the 610 loop...

The apt management didn't tell me when I was looking at the apartment that they had had a Busa stolen on April 17 - I moved in on April 29, and my Gixxer was stolen on May 28 - not even a month...
You might even think about mounting a camera somewhere, then at least you know who to look for to shoot.

But if you plan on giving the pictures to the police I wouldn't go shoot the thief.

I'm keeping both of my bike in my appartment,
it's a little bit of a pain,
but at least I can sleep at nite and will not have to kill someone.
Once your bike makes it into a truck, IMHO, it's all over.

Any tracking system will probably be discovered and wholly smacked to bits in a big hurry (esp. if you put a label on the bike to that effect). I'd save some dough and invest in the best hookup that makes sense (CobraLinks, Abus, etc.) and maybe one of the newer Xena locks on the opposite wheel (hey, 14mm bolt, loud as heck...).

About the point you exceed your deductible and first or second year's depreciation, it's just lining the pockets of the security folks (sorry about your rides, btw, man...
Have you tried a ABUS chain/lock?
Everything I've read says there the fort knox of chains.........
I looked at the Abus locks and chains, and I am thinking about getting one of them for the front and a Cobralinks or Abus equivalent for the back (shielded cable).

As far as insurance goes, I bought an '03 Gixxer, and my rate went from $593 / year to $771 /year. It may still go up more, but we'll have to see...

I've pretty much settled on an alarm. I am looking at the Scorpio CYL-300EX with paging and proximity alarms. It'll do the silent paging like I wanted. Oh, and the other features that I'll be adding are a big can of mace, a stun gun, and a new baseball bat...

I bought an Aritronix system for mine and it seems to work relatively well. It has all the gizmo's and gadgets that give you some piece of mind. Instructions for fitting are not so good and you'll need to crack your head over it for a while. Took me about 2 days of thinking about it and about 5 hours of fitting. Yeah...I took my time.

But I'm happy with it - does the job for me. But in any event, if someone really wants your bike, an alarm / immobiliser isn't going to put a force field around your bike. You still need to be carful where you park it.

Well, still waiting for the alarm to come in, but while at my local Harley shop having the '03 Gixxer baseline dyno'd, I found that he had the 6' Cobralinks for $199. I bought it and rode home with it over my shoulder... Man, that is a heavy piece of equipment...

I leave the bike in storage now most of the time, but when it is at home, I will have the NY Noose ont he front, the Cobralinks on the back and the alarm set to page me... Still not sure what I'll do if I catch someone trying to get the locks off...