I crash and the board goes with me???


Sorry to hear the board took a dump while I was out.
I'm glad to report that I'll live to ride another day.

A Lexus SUV ran a redlight in front of me, I hit it about 40-60mph...ouch!!!

It sent me flying through the window on the driver's side and out the window in the back, spinning the SUV 90 degrees with the impact.

A serious break of the left leg just above the knee is the most obvious injury with lots of minor bumps and bruises.
No road rash thanks to my leathers.

They've got me on Morphine and Dilaudidsl, unfortunately, that only brings the pain down to a dull roar.

My luck with bikes this year sucks!!! The good thing is that I won't be riding anymore this year, so it can't get any worse.
Hey BD! Glad your still with us. We heard about you from Owen. Heres hopin your back on 2 soon ( legs & wheels ). We still cant figure out how a big guy fits through a side glass on a SUV?

Take care, maybe see you at Laguna Seca in July?? - Aloha - Kent
Welcome back buddy...glad to hear you're ok. Recover soon....bet I can beat your but in the curves now huh?

Only Kidding....get well soon brother.
Welcome back Danno
I know exactly what you are going through and you are a very lucky fellow. You get Morphine and Dilaudidsl all I got was Oxycodone. In March 2000 I missed a turn and hit a tree at an undertermined speed. I broke all three bones in my right leg and managed to break the fibula twice. The femur heals very quickly so you should be back to normal in no time. I just went for my last doctor visit 12/6/02 and got the go ahead to get all of my hardware removed. I have rods through both the femur and tibia which are being held in by three screws each. It looks like I am going to have this done sometime in early March. May be I'll set it up on the same day as the original surgury was two years earlier. Kind of like a two year anniversary kind of thing. HAHA
Look familiar

Glad your recovering and getting legally high while sitting around on your ass thinking of the next bike your going to get...Hope your recovery goes well...

Best wishes and Happy Holiday's because you were blessed to be here for them...

Hey, glad to hear you are alright considering, take it easy enjoy the holidays and you'll be riding again before you know it. And hey these bikes even as much as we love them are replaceable!! Take care.
It would appear so.
So do us all <& yourself> a favor...

Seriously, Get well Quick & Try to have a happy holiday.

good to hear you're doing better, BD...
pretty scary when we first heard of your wreck. keep your head up!!

oh, and nice job at staying alive.

way to tell off the Reaper!!!
Hey atleast you went thru high class windows. Those Lexus SUV's are pretty sweet.... better than going thru a 88 bronco II at the very least.

Seriously. . it's great that your stoned,
and typing with all your bits & pieces still where they are supposed to be (mostly)

Your luck will be much better next year I'm sure of it.. mainly because it can't really get much worse at this point.
Hey get well soon. Glad to know your ok!! But look on the bright side. Next year is a whole new year.
hope you get better soon.
I was upset to hear of your smash up and a glad you are on the road to recovery! In one window and out the other, 90º spin to an SUV? Just how "bigger" are you? You owe your life to God's grace and your helmet- a guy went through the back window of his Explorer just down the street from my house and did not get home. He was talking on a cell phone and slid into an oncoming dumptruck. Again- I'm very glad you are OK.
DANNO! Glad to see you're home. I'm sure you'll be all better by the time Laguna rolls around next year. Are you finally in a cast yet? Did they finally figure out that the SUV ran the light? Mail me your # so I can call you.
I just read about your mishap....Glad you'll live to ride another day......what a wreck.I saw your serious lack of ckicken strips...you won that race..
Hope to meet you at Laguna..Kawafaski