Hope bad luck comes in three


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1st hit the tip of a deer's tail on the Busa.

2nd hit a 90lb deer two up on the Harley, deer dead, $60 to replace a turn signal lamp and me as well as Heidi with bruised left legs. (Harley is good for something, right.:laugh:)

3rd this morning: 45km/hr, this guy tries to run through my wheel, gets churned through my fork, felt like riding over 20 speed bumps.

Slighty bent wheel, valve top tore right off and slightly bent brake caliper. Scared the $%# out of me. Hope #3 is enough and this is over now.



It could of been worse. You're still okay after the varmint ran into your wheel. Hopefully your bad luck will change.
wow! glad you guys are basically ok and fingers crossed with you that it is over :beerchug:
If you didn't ride such an expensive bicycle, the spokes wouldn't have been so fart apart and he may have just bounced off.... lol

Sorry about the run of bad luck though!! I hit a coon on my busa about a month ago and it scare the hell out of me. He hit front wheel, kickstand, my foot and then front wheel. Just glad I had my steel toes on!!
Did you crash this morning? Seems like pretty good luck if you didnt..
Really glad you and Heidi are alright after those wild encounters. :thumbsup:

#3 Could always be worse... This is a local rider who recently met a Timber Rattlesnake. :laugh:

I hit a baby wild pig once. He just sort of exploded when I hit him. Took off a peg and left a perfect head shaped impression on my exhaust can, and minor fairing scratches. Took a week to clean it up.