Honda CBR1000RR


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Honda finally comes out with their true liter bike and then they made it so plain and ugly. You may not like the styling of the R1 but at least Yamaha tried something different. I hope you can still meet the nicest people on a Honda cuz you sure aren't going to pull any tail on this thing.
Sorry the bike is so ugly I was blinded and forgot the pic.

Lose the rear fender and lower the rear a little to fill in the big gap between the rear seat and tire. Other than that it's not to bad.
Styled after the RC211V it appears (which is also quite strange looking IMHO). Too bad. I guess to each their own. I mean it is not any stranger looking than the R1 or the wretchedly strange (dare I say ugly?) Duc 999.

So is the 954RR history?
In the first picture, what the hell is the bottom fairing thingie? Is it a oil drip pan? Talk about generic! By the wording Honda uses to describe the bike, it sounds like they know they're not in contention with the other new bikes.
I'll have to see one in person before I pass judgement. Though it does just sorta look like the The RC211 and The 600RR...Kinda Cool but more typical than it should or could be...
I think Honda put a lot of thought into this bike! I like some of the newer features......
Still not a Busa!
You know actually it looks much better in black. Still too strange for me and what is up with that back seat up in air. That is BS.


I like it. Keep in mind the shape of bikes, especially in the liter class, is going to be based on racing and areodynamic performance. The the high tail and extended muffler under the seat is part of that package. Rear fairings and areo packages "behind the rider" are not allowed by any racing organization so the the rear shape of the new liter bikes is an attempt to get the smoothest air flow possible helping to reduce drag within the limits of the rules of the the FIM, AMA, etc. I'm enjoying the new shapes that are coming to market in attempt to gain an advantage on the track!

The sytling is unique which honda is probably shooting for as much as the need to reshape their bikes for aerodynamic reason. Every since the butt ugly busa( critics point of view) became a marketing success other bike manufacturers have tried to create their own one of a kind styling... Worked with the busa -you never have to guess what kind of a bike it is once you know its shape- Duc trying it with the 999 and it may work with the honda. The key for the honda will be its new technology, even moreso than it horsepower IMHO
I like the other members of that class better. The new Honda looks heavy and thick by comparison. I'm sure its performance will be excellent, but I like the 959 and the 600rr better.
I think both bikes look very good for the market they are trying to hit and if I was going to buy a sports bike would go for the R1.

BUT for me the Bussa just does it all and I think I'll be hooked on them for life .........
I have to admit to being an R1 rider, too. I love the look of the New R1, but i hate the new CBR, it looks like two boxes put together at the front and the back, oh well. THe cbr and the r1 and the zx10 will only be as good as they compare to the Gixxer 1000. To each their own.
I am going to hold my final remarks until I see it in person. Many bashed the 2003 GSXR 1000, including me, then when I saw the bike I liked it. Oh well, so I ate a little crow....the pictures of the CBR 1000 are ugly! Now the R1 is a different story, looks pretty sweet to me.