Here may be a way to put your Gen I Busa up on a track stand more safely:

Warp 7

If you have ever tried to put your Busa with swingarm spools up on a rear trackstand, (paddock stand ) you may have felt the same concern that I have had of dropping it because you don't have a good grip on the bike. Hopefully, you have never dropped your bike while attempting to do this as I have (:banghead:), but here are several things I have figured out that seem to make it a little safer, less likely to drop the bike, and less nerve-wracking, at least for me:

1.) Take off your speed hump, or your rear seat, whichever, and underneath, inside the tail section, there is the really bomber crossmember of the subframe where the lock mechanism is. Take out the tool kit or anything else that might get in the way and grab this crossmember with your left hand and use it as a handle to steady the bike while you lever the bike up on the track stand with your right hand.

2.) When you engage the Y-shaped parts of the trackstand onto your swingarm spools, slide the trackstand over to the center of the spools, that way, when the bike shifts laterally as it comes up onto the stand, it won't be as likely to slide off of a spool.

3.) Get a spotter if you can.

Hope this helps,

~Warp 7~
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