Newest Innovation in Bolt On Extensions


We have been busy and I came up with the newest innovation for out line of Bolt on extensions. I have added a Spool mount to the bottom. This way you can use a good stand without having to re adjust it for different bikes or use a pad type that isn't as steady.

They are an add on to all new extensions(All new manufacture from now on will have mounting holes already tapped). You can also buy them from us to add on to your existing extensions. Just transfer and tap two 6MM holes in the proper location.

We will sell our extensions a few different ways.

1)Basic setup.(no spool Mounts, but holes there for later).
2)Spool Mounts included, No Spools(Use your own).
3)Spools Mounts and Vortex Spools Included(Buy the spools themselves from us).

We are very flexible and an supply you with as much or as little as you need.
New Pricing also coming shortly(just need to Verify with the Boss,lol)

Heres some pics. (08 busa Extensions)




Finally! Someone finally makes a bolt-on with spools attatched. Best thing since sliced bread.

Nice work.
Looks Great! I have one question, how much hp can these extension hold? I am asking, because I have a turbo with 258 hp.   My Webpage
When i saw the exoticycle named etched into them that told me these can handle a ton of HP. Johnny Turbo owns Exoticycle and makes some really nasty turbo bikes. The more seasoned members will remember Cecil's red turbo bike that placed in the top three consistently. Johnny Turbo apparently uses CDi's products and has them "private Label" them for him. If he's using them, they've been hp stress tested. Good Lookin unit!
Yes. You can buy the add ons. All you have to do is drill/Tap 2 6MM holes and bolt em on. I used 6 MM as it is small enough to do with a hand drill(Drill press is easy too). If theres a call for it , I can offer Install kits, that will include a Drill/Tap and template. Price for the add on will be $29.00 Plus SH..:)