help me pick a HID kit...


i am clueless when it comes to the HID lights. i did a search but havn't found what i am looking for. as of now i have the entire body off my bike and at the body shop. i fiqured while i have it apart i might as well do the HID conversion. i was looking at a few kits and found these Motorcycle HID Kit [Standard] are they any good? i don't want to drop $300 on a kit and this kit is only $109. i want the brightest ones i can get without burning anything up. the bike is getting painted competition orange so a orangeish color would go good with it. dont know about blue.

any suggestions, links?

fwiw, per this my last thread, i got a quote from xenonking:

"180 for visionpro
230 for mcculloch"

i'll trust you guys with xenonking, but anyone have an opinion on visionpro vs. mcculloch?
let me do a retro. i'm bored and need money to fix my bike (dodged a suburban)
6K from everything I've read. Closer to white light and just as visible with the human eye as the 8K. If you have time do a search. Several real good threads around here from roughly 3 years ago or so. I strongly suggest you TDR or switch the low beam.
I'm running 6K McCulloch, A lot of kits out there now, I have friends that have the non brand name kits and they haven't had any problems with theirs.